Workshop Financing Public Water for All!

17 November 2005

Workshop Financing Public Water for All!
World Social Forum, Mumbai, India, 19 January 2004

The full report is available in PDF.

The workshop aimed to get a better understanding of possible financing mechanisms for public water utilities. We explored ways to fund the needed investment without relying upon private corporations or International Financial Institutions that demand privatisation in return for their loans.

Also, an excellent overview of available options for financing public water utilities is provided in the new Water Finance. A Discussion Note [PDF document] report launched at the World Social Forum (by David Hall, Public Services International Research Unit, University of Greenwich).

The workshop was initiated by the Water Warriors coalition. Groups involved in the preparations include the Council of Canadians, Public Services International, Public Citizen (US), the Water Vigilance Network (the Philippines), the National Coalition against Privatisation of Water (Ghana), Corporate Europe Observatory and the Transnational Institute.