World social Forum 7

17 April 2007

World Social Forum VII
Nairobi, Kenya, 20-25 January 2007

African Struggles, Global Struggles
Statement of the Social Movements Assembly
World Social Forum, Nairobi, 24 January 2007
Luchas africanas, luchas globales
Asamblea de Movimientos Sociales
25 de enero de 2007

Declaration On Debt
World Social Forum in Nairobi, Kenya, 24 January 2007
Déclaration sur la dette
Forum social de Nairobi, Kenya, 24 janvier 2007

TNI Activities:

Water justice:

Media advisory: Water activists to launch pan-African network against privatisation at World Social Forum

  1. Reclaiming Public Water! Improving water supply through democratisation and Public-Public Partnerships (22 January 2007)
  2. Rural water challenges (23 January 2007)
  3. Launching of the African Water Network (24 January)

Alternative Regionalisms

  1. The role of Europe in the militarization and neoliberal globalization
    Round table (21 January)
  2. Free trade agreements revisited - US and EU strategies to enhance their corporate globalization agenda in the light of the laming duck of WTO Doha negotiations (21 January)
  3. Alternative South- South Peoples' strategies (21 January)
  4. Latin American and European people's struggles against TNC's power: People's Tribunal, strategies and campaigns (21 January)
  5. The role of the EU in global trade and development policies (22 January)
  6. Labour in movement - facing the challenge of globalisation. (Date: 22 January)
  7. Land and Common Natural Assets (22 January)
  8. How Europe has been hijacked by the corporate agenda? What social movements can do about it? (22 January)
  9. Just Trade for a Just World: Fighting the "Free Trade Agreements (22 January)
  10. Making the links: the connections between Free Trade Agreements, Foreign Direct Investment, debt, security policy, militarization (22 January)
  11. Work/labour and industrial development (23 January)
  12. Alternatives to free trade - Latin American, Asian and African proposals. (23 January)
  13. Rolling back the powers of TNCs (23 January)
  14. Asamblea Movimientos Sociales (24 January)
  15. Resisting free trade from the south: building alliances and common strategies (24 January)
  16. Assembly on labour and globalization (24 January)

Militarism & Globalisation

  1. Integrating the Iraqi Civil Society Movement into the Global Justice Movement and the Global Justice Movement into Iraqi Civil Society? (21 January)
  2. No Bases Workshop 1: Gaining a Foothold: The United States' Plans for Expanding its Military Presence in Africa (22 January)
  3. No Bases Workshop 2: Building the Movement: Africa and the Global Movement for the Abolition of Foreign Military Bases (23 January)
  4. WSF General Assembly of the Anti-War Movements (24 January)

Carbon Trade Watch

  1. Carbon Trading: What Next for Climate Change, Privatisation and Power (22 January)

New Politics

  1. WSF 7 years - Relations with progressive political parties and governments: independence or hypocrisy? (23 January)
  2. Being a left activist today: Dialogue among militants! (21 January)
  3. What Next: New Global Challenges, Trendlines and Alternatives (21 January)

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