Activities before 2006

30 November 2004 - Event
30 November 2004

28 November-8 December 2005

Poster Montreal

Series of events around Climate Justice organised by Carbon Trade Watch and others. Montreal.


12 October 2005


Seminar Climate Change and the Privatisation of the Atmosphere on environmental justice and carbon trading in the Kyoto Protocol. TNI Office, Amsterdam


June 2004

CTW Info Tour 2004

The Info Tour exhibition is a collection of photos and interviews of people who are directly effected by the industry, slides, audio and video. The research was conducted in March and April of 2003. The interviews and photos aim to create space and a voice for people directly effected by the industry, governments, multinationals, IFI's and NGOs.

The photography component of the exhibition is a collection of 30 black and white pictures of people living and resisting the expanse of eucalyptus monoculture. Each person was interviewed and asked to share their experience of living next to or surrounded by eucalyptus. Interviews took place in Indigenous communities, MST camps, small farming communities, Afro-Brazilian communities, and inside the plantations.


April 2004


Environmental NGOs call for closure of World Bank climate change fund. Over fifty environmental and social justice NGOs and other groups sent a letter of protest to the World Bank calling for the closure of its new emissions trading fund, The Prototype Carbon Fund.


November 2003


Cover Where the Trees are a DesertNew report is published by Carbon Trade Watch: Where the Trees are a Desert. Stories from the Ground.


21 November-7 December 2003


An exhibition on pollution trading and climate change with films, audio, photographs and workshops, Amsterdam.


14 November 2003


Workshop NGOism: A Critical Enquiry 2nd European Social Forum, Paris


6 September 2003


A Street Cinema for Water Solidarity, showing video: Solidarity and Crisis in Orange Farm, South Africa. Satoko Kishimoto (Japan) from TNI's Water Justice project , and Claudia Torrelli (Uruguay) from Sedes/CEO, spoke on Water Privatisation, Amsterdam


January 2003


The Sky is Not the Limit CoverNew issue in the TNI Briefing Series: The Sky is Not the Limit. The Emerging Market in Greenhouse Gases by Carbon Trade Watch.