American Dream, Global Nightmare

18 September 2007 - Event
18 September 2007


A debate between Fred Halliday and Frits Bolkestein

VENUE: de balie, Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 10, Amsterdam TIME: Tuesday, 18 September, 20h30
Fred Halliday, the Middle East expert from The London School of Economics, gives an overview of cultural, religious and political issues in the Middle East and Central Asia in the last half century in the context of current international crisis. Fred Halliday and Frits Bolkestein debate the US politics in the Middle East in 2007, the position of Islam today, and its influence in Europe. Fred Halliday, TNI advisor and a former TNI fellow, has been a respected Middle East expert for more than 30 years Frits Bolkestein is a former Dutch Defense minister and former European Commissioner