Build it like Bernie - Melkweg Amsterdam

19 March 2018

A night about movement building and progressive politics in the Netherlands.

19 March 2018
20:00 - 23:00
Melkweg, Amsterdam.
  • DeGoedeZaak
  • Transnational Institute (TNI)

The 2016 election campaign in the US had a devastating outcome for progressive America and the world. But this outcome was preceded by a hopeful development:'a new 'bottom-up citizens' movement behind Bernie Sanders served as an inspiration for progressive activists from all over the world. Becky Bond and Zack Exley, two key people from the Bernie Sanders campaign, wrote a book on campaigning called Rules for Revolutionaries. And they are coming to the Netherlands!

The grassroots campaign in the US inspired Jurjen van den Bergh to start a new progressive campaigning organisation: DeGoedeZaak.

We invite you to the official launch of DeGoedeZaak. Together with Exley and Bond and everyone in the audience we will talk about the state of affairs of the progressive movement in the Netherlands.

Becky Bond and Zack Exley will tell you more about their philosophy of movement building. Theirs is a hopeful story, because they were able to give a great amount of ownership and responsibility to volunteers and activists. Jurjen van den Bergh, director of DeGoedeZaak, will tell you more about his plans with this new people-powered campaigning organization. However, most of the evening will be used to talk with the audience about progressive campaigning in the Netherlands. With an interactive program we will talk with campaigners, activists and other attendees about building a movement that is ready to fight for a sustainable, fair, democratic and inclusive society. Hilary Wainwright, feminist veteran closes the evening with a reflection on the international developments for grass-roots politics.

With: Becky Bond (former senior advisor Bernie Sanders, co-author Rules for Revolutionaries), Zack Exley (former senior advisor Bernie Sanders, co-author Rules for Revolutionaries), Jurjen van den Bergh (Director DeGoedeZaak) and Hilary Wainwright.

Please note that this event is free but due to a limited amount of spots, you have to register via