Carbon Market Crimes, The Kyoto Years (to date)

14 December 2009 - Event
14 December 2009


Oscar Reyes, Souparna Lahiri, Larry Lohmann, Anna Pinto, Trusha Reddy, Janet Redman

This workshop will examine some of the largest carbon trading criminal acts to date taking an in-depth look at the corruption inherent in the system, ways in which the Clean Development Mechanism has perpetuated the criminalisation of resistance on the ground, the breakdown of the market and how climate finance has functioned to rig the system throughout Kyoto’s history.

Souparna Lahiri - NFFPFW, India
Larry Lohmann - The Corner House, UK
Anna Pinto - CORE, India
Trusha Reddy - ISS, South Africa
Janet Redman - SEEN, USA
Oscar Reyes - Carbon Trade Watch, Transnational Institute, Netherlands