Copenhagen climate summit: Should we cheer them on, block them in, or shut them down?

09 February 2009 - Event
09 February 2009


Kevin Smith, Mel Evans

DATE: Monday 9th February, 7pm VENUE: 22 Betterton Street, London WC2 (through the blue door and upstairs)
The UN talks in Copenhagen this December are supposed to be the place where world leaders agree a new international deal to stop climate change. But progress so far has been undermined by corporate lobbying and false, market-based solutions. When activists from across Europe hit the streets of Copenhagen, should we be calling on governments to do better, blockading them in until they come up with a good deal, or be saying they are so flawed we should try to close them down? Kevin Smith (Carbon Trade Watch) and Mel Evans (Camp for Climate Action) will kick off a discussion about the movement to stop climate change.