Debating Europe Series: The Global Crisis, solutions, and implications for EU Trade Policy

17 February 2009 - Event
17 February 2009
DATE: Tuesday, 17 February 2009 from 10 - 12.30, (coffee at 9.45) VENUE: Crowne Plaza Hotel Europa, Rue de la Loi 107 Wetstraat, 1040 Brussels (opposite the Charlemagne building).
> See the video of the debate Panel Gaspar Frontini - Chief Economist DG Trade Susan George - Chair of the Transnational Institute, well-known author of many books including: Another World is Possible if.., The Lugano Report and We the Peoples of Europe. Ignasi Guardans - MEP and Vice-Chair of the EP Committee on International Trade Myriam Vanderstichele - Senior Researcher of SOMO – Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations and TNI Fellow Moderator Gie Goris - Editor in Chief of MO – a Flemish Magazine on globalisation The current converging crises – economic, financial, climate/environmental and food – provide the context for this debate. EC Director General for Trade David O'Sullivan at the Prague Conference on Trade Liberalisation on 3rd February 2009 opened his speech saying, "We all share the recognition that this is a major crisis. We also agree that trade is a part of the solution and not of the problem. However, I fear that the body politic will not always share that view". This Debate will focus the discussion on this assumption. The Panellists will bring their own perspectives about what is the role of EU trade policy in the framework of the current convergence of crises. Furthermore, they will debate on their vision of what alternatives should be pursued in this context. This event is part of 'Debating Europe', a debate series organised in Brussels by the Transnational Institute with policy makers, MEPs and representatives of civil society. For registration and information contact: 00 32 (0) 486. 50 79 96