Disarm! For a climate of peace

30 September 2016 - Event

TNI is one of the major partners of the International Peace Bureau Congress on Military and Social Spending that will be held in Berlin. TNI will be organising workshops on the links between militarism and climate change, extractivism, racism and the rise of the homeland security industry.

30 September 2016 to 03 October 2016
Technische Universitaet Berlin

“The world is over-armed and peace is under-funded” Ban Ki-moon 

In 2014 the world’s governments spent over $1,700 billion on the military sector. The Congress organisers believe this money must instead be spent on:


  • Climate change mitigation/adaptation, preserving biodiversity;
  • Humanitarian programs to support the most vulnerable;
  • Peace: disarmament, conflict prevention & resolution, human security;
  • Public services/social justice, human rights, gender equality and green job-creation;
  • Sustainable development, new production and consumption patterns, anti-poverty progr ams, UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We strongly believe the absolutely necessary ‘great transformation’ of global human society can only be achieved when also reallocating military expenditure and handling conflict differently. After all, we are facing a crisis of civilization, which is more far-reaching than an ecological and economic crisis alone.

We are living on one single Planet Earth but exploiting its resources as if we had three. We witness how our predominant economic and developmental model has failed to provide justice, livelihood and human security for all. We now also face the resurgence of militarism and confrontational politics.
Hence, we view this priority shift in government spending as one element in a much broader global transformation towards a green, socially just and peaceful society.
The main aim of this congress is to bring the issue of military spending, often seen as a technical question, into broad public debate and to strengthen the global community of activism. 

TNI workshops and panels

Panel discussion: The Future We Don’t Want - Extractivism, Climate Injustice and the Military

2.30 - 4.00 pm, Saturday 1 Oct 2016
Room H 1012

This is the future we don’t want: increased militarisation of state, attack on human rights for the sake of “security”, techno - fixes that further monopolise power structures and environmental racism. In the panel we will discuss, among others: What are the military planning in a time of climate change? How does it dovetail with corporate long - term plans? Can we stop and change these trends? What are the best strategies of resistance and mobilisation? Why is sustainable and equitable use of natural resources important for peace - building? How is exploitation of resources used as a weapon of war, domination and environmental racism? How can we better bridge and unite the environment and peace movements and why is this important?

Nick Buxton, Transnational Institute,
Katie Kiria , Friends of the Earth,
Georgia Jagoda Munic , Friends of the Earth International, Croatia
Moderation : Lili Fuhr , Heinrich Boll Foundation

Organised by Transnational Institute, Friends of the Earth and Heinrich Boll Foundation.

Workshop: The Military-Security-Industrial Complex” – how the homeland security is merging with the military-industrial complex

4:30-6:30pm, Saturday 1 October
Room MA 648 

Revenues from Homeland Security markets – police technology, counter - terrorism, surveillance, border control, crisis management etc. – continue to account for a larger and larger share of the revenues of many defense conglomerates. Their diversification has been supported by lucrative government contracts and R&D subsidies won by lobbyists. Activists and researchers have made visible the hypocrisy of companies that fuel wars by selling weapons. This workshop will examine the key players in the Homeland Security industry, the policy frameworks that support them, and strategies for resistance and democratization.

Matthias Monroy, Burgerrechte & Polizei/CILIP
Jordi Calvo Rufanges, Centre Delas

Organised by Transnational Institute

Panel discussion: The Intersection of Racism and Militarism

12:30-2pm, Sunday 2 October, 2016
Room H 1028 

The rise and power of militarism and war is always tied to racism – to demonize the “enemy” powerful forces turn on the “enemy’s” counterparts at home. Americans of Japanese descent rounded up and held in concentration camps during World War II. Asian - American soldiers humiliated as “gooks” and Black and Latino youth are disproportionately drafted as cannon fodder during the US war in Viet Nam. And throughout the 15 years of the global war on terror, Islamophobia on the rise in Europe, the United States and beyond. Martin Luther King described “the giant triplets of racism, materialism and militarism” as the key evils to be fought. And the policy platform of the 2016 Movement For Black Lives calls for “ a cut in military expenditures and a reallocation of those funds to invest in domestic infrastructure and community well-being.

Meena Jagannath, Community Justice Project, USA

Organised by Institute for Policy Studies & Transnational Institute

From 9-10:15am on Sunday 2nd October, Meena Jagannath from Community Justice Project in Miami will also speak in the main plenary on the intersection of racism and militarism.

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