Energy Democracy: The transformation of the energy sector in UK and Spain

15 September 2016 - Event

The processes involved in working towards energy democracy are not limited to the local level. Energy democracy also means to envisage the energy transition within the public administration, the energy market and to democratize energy companies. A transition towards energy democracy faces major challenges. Institutions tend to resist the process towards energy democracy, even when left governments (local, regional and national) are in place. Nevertheless, many inspiring developments towards energy democracy are taking place at the municipal level – e.g. in London, Bristol, Nottingham, Barcelona, Pamplona, and Cádiz.

15 September 2016
The Foundry, 17 Oval Way, London, SE11 5RR
  • Global Justice Now
  • Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung
  • Transnational Institute

This workshop addresses the conditions for an energy transition with regard to public administration, policy guidelines as well as administration. It aims at sharing experience among left political actors in Europe, with a focus on ongoing processes in UK and Spain. We particularly invite energy experts of left parties, advisors of political parties and civil servants who currently implement the energy transition, or who might have this task in the near future.

Participants: Energy experts in the ministries, local and regional governments, public administration, political parties; social economy actors, trade unions, social movements and NGOs