Enlazando Alternativas/Linking Alternatives 2

10 May 2006
10 May 2006 to 13 May 2006
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The fourth Summit between the Heads of State and Government of Latin America, the Caribbean (LAC) and the European Union (EU) will take place in Vienna in May 2006. Parallel to the official Summit, and under the theme of "Linking Alternatives 2" we, social movements, non-governmental organisations and other civil society organisations from both regions will organise an encounter of alternatives. During this four day Social Encounter we will question the agreements between the EU and LAC, development and militarisation policies in both continents. We will also set up a popular People's Tribunal on the corporate power regime of the European transnational corporations in LAC and in Europe.

An Introduction to Enlazando Alternativas 2 the Peoples Summit on Development Alternatives

An Introduction to the Permanent People's Tribunal [PDF]

Call to Vienna - Convocatoria a Viena - Convocation pour Vienne - Aufruf Nach Wien - Appello per Vienna

Call to Vienna [HTML] -Signatories

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Enlazando Alternativas 2 Social Encounter Website.

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Meeting of the Enlazando Alternativas 2
III Cumbre de Los Pueblos de America

Mar del Plata, Argentina, 1-5 November 2005

Second Dialogue Forum Between Civil Society and the Mexican Government & the European Union
Mexico City, 28 February-1 March 2005


European, Latinamerican and Caribbean Social Encounter Linking Alternatives
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, 25-29 May 2004
Versión españól Enlazando alternativas

The First Civil Society-Government Social Dialogue Forum on the EU-Mexico Global Agreement
Brussels, Belgium, 22-27 November 2002

Manuel Pérez Rocha L. The Social Hemispheric Alliance in the Context of Latin American Integration Processes and the FTAA TNI Website, 9 April 2001

Manuel Pérez Rocha L The Hemispheric Social Alliance in the Context of Latin American Integration Processes and the FTAA Note prepared for the TNI Regionalisms Project, December 2000

The Free Trade Agreement between Mexico and the European Union. For Transnationals Everything, for the People Rethoric Ciudadanas de Mexico frente a la Union Europea, May 1999 Declaration