Future Beyond Shell Presents: Future Beyond Crises

16 May 2020 - Event

TNI is happy to invite you to the live broadcast Future Beyond Shell Presents: Future Beyond Crises on Saturday, May 16 19:30 CET. This online event is organised in cooperation with Climate Liberation Bloc (CLuB), Code Rood, Gastivists, and Shell Must Fall.

16 May 2020
19:20 - 21:45 CET

The planet is and has been in crisis. In crises, in fact, as no issue is isolated. Lives, livelihoods, land, and nature are sacrificed for corporate profit. And while corporate multinationals like Shell are scrambling to profit from crises, and governments bend to their demands, we must ask ourselves: which future do we want to bail out?

How can we support communities, social movements, sectors, and industries to move towards the future we want? A future beyond crises.

Join us for this special event, please register to receive the information to join the livestream.


  • Musical introduction (19:20)
  • Welcome & opening speech (19:30)
    Speaker: Suzanne Dhaliwal (No Tar Sands UK)
  • Panel 1: The crises we know - How do current crises intersect and how is this affecting impacted communities and sectors? (19:50)
    Speakers: Suzanne Dhaliwal (No Tar Sands UK), Ilham Root (JA! Mozambique), Laurie van Der Burg (Oil Change International)
  • Musical intermezzo (20:30)
  • Panel 2: What Is Needed - How to transition from the fossil empires of the past to the decolonial energy democracies of the future? (20:40)
    Speakers: Meera Ghani (Ecolise), Tatiana Garavito (Wretched of the Earth), Suzanne Jeffery (Campaign Against Climate Change)
  • Closing musical performance (21:35)

Next to fantastic speakers we are looking forward to musical contributions by artists: Pravini, The Sounds of Climate Justice as well as a graphic harvesting performance by Willemijn Lambert. What more is needed for a wholesome live broadcast to channel your revolutionary energies in times of crises? Don’t miss out on this and register here.