International Climate Forum

14 April 2008 - Event
14 April 2008 to 15 April 2008


Kevin Smith...

VENUE: South Camden Community School, Charrington Street, London, UK
Speakers to include: Michael Meacher MP, Caroline Lucas MEP, Colin Challen MP, John McDonnell MP, Ginting Longenna of Friends of the Earth International (ex Director WALHI, Indonesian Friends of the Earth), Abigail Jabines, ‘SolarGeneration’ coordinator (Greenpeace Intnl), Tony Juniper Director Friends of the Earth UK, Ichin Cheng of Taiwan Environmental Action Network, Wael Hmaidan of the League of Independent Activists (Lebanon), Aubrey Meyer of the Global Commons Institute, Mark Lynas author & journalist, Larry Lohmann from Corner House, Joss Garman from Greenpeace, Dr David Fleming of the Lean Economy Connection, Elaine Graham-Lee from Respect, John Stewart of HACAN, Derek Wall Green Party Principal Speaker, Dr Stuart Parkinson Director of Scientists for Global Responsibility, Deepak Rughani of Biofuel Watch, Ronnie Hall of the Global Forest Coalition, Kevin Smith from Carbon Trade Watch/Transnational Institute, Cath Long Programme Director Rainforest Foundation UK, Dr Marion Birch of MEDACT, Professor Andy Haines from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Oliver Sylvester-Bradley from Solar Century, Mike Edwards from CAFOD, Muzammal Hussain from the London Islamic Network for the Environment, Mark Dowd from Operation Noah, Laurence Matthews from Cap and Share, Steve Stretton from the Cambridge Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Research, Gerry Wolff Coordinator TREC-UK, Julie White Anti Road Expansion campaigner, Dan Vockins President of USSU, Andrew Birkby from the Young Greens UK, Dan Glass of Plane Stupid, Amanda Baker from the Vegan Society, Julie Roberts Animal Rights campaigner, Claire Fauset from Corporate Watch