Launch of State of Power 2016 and The privatisation industry in Europe - Spanish edition

20 February 2016

In the margins of the Plan B para Europa conference, TNI launches two of its latest publications in Spanish: State of Power 2016 and The Privatisation Industry in Europe.

20 February 2016
20:00 - 22:00
INTERMEDIÆ, El Matadero, Paseo de la Chopera 14, Madrid - Spain

** Important: This event will take place at the Plan B conference venue. Only people with a valid ticket for the conference will be able to attend.

>> Download the event flyer in PDF

Transform!, european network for alternative thinking and political dialogue, the Transnational Institute and Fuhem-Ecosocial are hosting the launch of four of their latest publications.


* Yanis Varoufakis , former Greek Finance minister and member of DIEM25 (to be confirmed)

* Susan George , Transnational Institute and Attac France

* Francia Walter Bier , transform!

* Sol Trumbo , Transnational Institute

* Haris Golemis , Nicos Poulantzas Institute

* Brid Brennan , Transnational Institute

* Marga Ferré , transform!

Publications launched

transform! yearbook 2016: “The Enigma of Europe” Walter Baier, Eric Canepa, Eva Himmelstoss (Eds.) Merlin Press Ltd: The transform! yearbook 2016 asks what might be learned from the clash between Greece's left government and the Troika in terms of political strategy and the kinds of programme that might now be proposed by Europe's radical left.

Los usurpadores. Cómo las empresas transnacionales toman el poder Susan George: Elected by and accountable to no one, secretive and highly organized, Global corporations are destroying the very notion of the common good and making a mockery of democracy. It is high time we challenged this assault on our rights and our institutions. In this incisive and clear-sighted book Susan George provides us with the practical knowledge to do just that.

Estado del poder 2016. Democracia, soberanía y resistencia Nick Buxton, Deborah Eade (Eds.) Transnational Institute: TNI’s fifth annual State of Power 2016 report explores the intersect of power and democracy. Featuring prominent activists and academics, its essays feature the long battle between economic power and popular democracy, expose the different powers seeking to undermine democracy today, and tell the stories of radical popular democratic alternatives emerging worldwide.

La industria de la privatización en Europa Sol Trumbo Vila, Matthijs Peters Transnational Institute: In the last years the Troika has pushed through privatisation programmes in indebted EU countries, despite major popular opposition. This briefing examines the consequences of those privatisations. It puts a spotlight on the process, exposes the corporate players that have profited, and examines whether the sale of state-owned assets has delivered on its proponents' promises.