March to Brussels: Rights No Deaths! September 30-October 1

30 September 2022

TNI is co-organising workshops including one on externalisation and militarisation of borders on October 1.

30 September 2022 to 01 October 2022
Maison des Associations Internationales, MAI, rue de Washington, 40, Brussels.

Initiated by the Caravana movements (Basque country and Italy), is now joined by many collectives, organisations, networks and movements from all over Europe to bring a clear message Rights-No Deaths to the center of Europe in Brussels focusing on the continuing spiral of deaths at the Europe’s Borders – external and internal. Migrant and Refugee people, from Africa, Middle East, Asia, Latin America are forcibly displaced from their homes and their livelihoods. Europe has built itself into a Fortress and its current policy has closed all legal ways of entering as a migrant or a refugee. So thousands are forced to take the most dangerous routes over land, by sea or by river and have died and continue to die daily on their journey. Many of those who have entered live and work in intolerable conditions in “sites without rights”.

Why Join?

We join the March and call for a major push-back from below on these intolerable conditions of crimes against the persons of migrant and refugee people. In place of ‘sites without rights’ we continue to build a new Global Pact of Solidarity saying: - STOP to the leaders of Europe - to make visible the multiple resistances from below to this inhuman policy towards migrant and refugee people as well as to the criminalization of solidarity. - LINK our many local struggles in visible lines across Europe – exchanging our experiences and developing new strategies of solidarity.

Programme of activities

Thursday, September 29
Meeting with MEPs. Activists meeting.
Friday, September 30 Peoples' Summit – Opening Plenary.
Saturday, October 1
Workshops, meetings, debates and exhibitions at Peoples' Summit. Manifestation/Demonstration. Peoples' Summit – Closing Plenary.
Full Programme +Info: please contact TMP-E // p.chen@transnationalmigrantplatform. net