Networked Politics

03 June 2007 - Event
03 June 2007 to 04 June 2007
venue: Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, Franz-Mehring- Platz 1, 10243 Berlin
Networked Politics reader Programme DAY 1 Consolidation of past work 10 – 11.30am Principles and Challenges. New participants in the process to present their two key principles and challenges. Reflection on principles and challenges so far e.g. identifying underlying themes; homologies; gaps; contradictions/tensions Ezequiel Adamovsky and Micha Brie to prepare something to open up and others encouraged to do the same. 11.45 – 1pm. Dictionary. Marco Berlinguer to chair/introduce. Concept case study of `social movement’. Frieder Otto Wolfe, Moema Miranda open up discussion. (and background paper from Donatella Della porta) Lawrence Cox gives intro comments on the idea of dictionary. 2.30 – 4.30. Case studies.: i.Social movement trade unionism: Ant Ince. Discussant: Gonzalo Berrón ii.Open software movement: Stefano Fabri. Discussant: Felix Stalder. iii. Feminism and political organisation case of the German Greens; Discussant: Judy Rebick. 4.5 – 7.30 Begin the discussion of the four `axes’ /lines of inquiry and future work: A. Ownership and the Commons. . Intro. Quim Brugeé. Discussion presentations: Arturo Di Corinto, Glenn Jenkins Synthesiser. Oscar Reyes. DAY 2 9.15 – 10.45am B. Labour and the movements. Intro: Marco Berlinguer Carlo Formenti Kenny Bell Synthesiser: Rodrigo Nunes 11.00 - 12.30pm C. The new web communities and political culture: Intro: Mayo Fuster. Presentations: Felix Stalder Jamie King Synthesiser: Anastasia Kavada 1.45 – 3.15 D. Rethinking Representation. Intro: Hilary Wainwright Presentations: Christophe Spehr. Jeff Juris. Synthesis: Ángel Calle 3.15 –6.15 Working groups 6.30 - 7.30 Plenary discussion DAY 3 9.15 – 12.30pm Brainstorm style discussion on `Emerging subjects of transformation – their character and conditions of emergence.’ (And indeed whether we can honestly argue such a process exists). Everybody – but opening thoughts from Glenn Jenkins and Moema Miranda. 1.45 – 5.30 A.Where next? Website. A resource book/collaborative product.