New Politics: Lessons from Greece

09 November 2017 - Event

Join us on the 9th of November at CREA for our third open debate on New Politics in Europe! After hosting two events on what we can learn from Spain (and Podemos), we will now continue the conversation by focusing on new political movements in Greece.

09 November 2017
CREA, Nieuwe Achtergracht 170, 1018 WV Amsterdam
  • Transnational Institute

What can the European (and global) left learn from the Greek experience? A leftist government found itself at the centre of a regional political maelstrom in the wake of a deep regional economic crisis. Since then, new forms of social and political organisations developed by Greek activists have prefigured innovative alternatives for deepening and expanding popular sovereignty and overcoming austerity measures. Hosted by TNI’s New Politics Initiative, the conversation with Greek, European and Latin American activists and policy makers will review the Greek experience of left governance, and will identify and highlight valuable lessons for emancipatory politics and policies in Europe and other regions of the world.

-Andreas Karitizis (Author of 'The European Left in Times of Crisis: Lessons from Greece')
-Hilary Wainwright (co-editor of Red Pepper and research director of the New Politics Project of the Transnational Institute)
-Sebastián Torres (National Institute of Higher Studies, Quito, Ecuador)
-Frans Bieckmann (political analyst, author of 'Podemos: Nieuwe Linkse politiek in Spanje')
-Melissa Koutouzis (activist Fair City, coördinator European Alternatives Amsterdam)

The conversation will be in English. Voertaal is Engels. We will be live-streaming the event.
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