Project Protest x Venezuela: What’s the real story?

27 March 2019

The Venezuelan economy has halved since 2013. Amidst a deep economic crisis, there have been clashes between government and opposition forces and the recent power-struggle has escalated internationally, with multiple Western states introducing extensive economic sanctions. As the propaganda war reaches its peak, we have invited experts to answer some of the most pressing questions.

27 March 2019
20:00 - 22:00
STUDIO/K Timorplein 62, Amsterdam
  • Critical Collective
  • Decolonial International Network
  • Transnational Institute (TNI)
  • Vereniging Studio/K

Low income: €3
Standard: €5
Solidarity: €7,50


  • Antonio Carmona Baez
    The president of the University of Sint Maarten and a former lecturer of political science courses at the University of Puerto Rico and the University of Amsterdam. Baez will discuss the constitutional politics and arrangements In Venezuela, addressing some of the myths that are propagated about the Maduro presidency in the West.

  • Daniel Chavez
    Project officer at the Transnational Institute, an international research and advocacy institute committed to building a just, democratic and sustainable planet. He has authored and edited numerous books on politics in Latin America, and he will speak about the historical and structural roots of the current crisis that precede both Maduro and Guaido, looking at the broader political economy of Venezuela.

  • Sadet Karabulut
    A member of the Dutch Parliament for the Socialist Party since 2006. She is the official spokesperson on foreign affairs and defense and has recently introduced two bills in parliament against a military intervention in Venezuela and for non-politicized humanitarian aid for the Venezuelan people. Karabulut will be speaking about the geopolitical context of the conflict.

  • Sandew Hira
    The coordinator of the Decolonial International Network (DIN) and director of the international Institute for Scientific Research (IISR). Hira has authored numerous books on (de)colonization and is currently reporting from Venezuela on invitation of the International People’s Assembly.

This program was organized by Studio/K in cooperation with Transnational Institute, Critical Collective and Decolonial International Network. The program is part of Project Protest, an Amsterdam-based festival with programming on activist themes throughout March in the different venues of Foundation Kriterion.