Reclaiming Public Water India Tour

22 April 2007 - Event
22 April 2007 to 01 May 2007


Santiago Arconada, Julian Perez, Tamsyn East, Olivier Hoedeman

Speakers' tour on the occasion of the launch of 'Reclaiming Public Water' in three Indian languages (Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam). For live reports from the tour, visit the Reclaiming Public Water India blog
22-24 April Chennai (Tamil Nadu): - Meeting with the Madras Institute of development Studies (MIDS). - Visiting village (Ramaiyanahalli village in Dharmapuri District). - Meeting with managing director of Tamil Nadu Water board at head office. - Meeting with Vibhu Nayar and Change Management Group of TWAD. - RPW book launch hosted by New Century Book House(NCBH) with Prof. Dr. M. Anandakrishnan, the Chairman of a major thinktank called the Madras Institute of Development Studies (MIDS). 25-26 April Delhi: - Seminar on "sharing experiences of resisting water privatisation in India and the world". - Book launch at the press conference by Medha Patkar. - Film screening & dinner with some activists, preferably in collaboration with the Venezuelan Embassy. - meeting with the the Federal/Union Drinking Water Department Secretary, Ms Santha Sheela Nair. *Invitation Lekhe Rahenge Apna Paani : Reclaiming Public Water Hindi edition 26 April Mumbai: - Book launch(RPW & Water privatisation. Ltd. By Shripad) at Munbai Patrakar (Bombay Press) with different trade unions in the Bombay Municipal Corporation, elected corporators of K-east ward, anti-privatisation groups in the MUMBAI PAANI (bombay water) coalition, and the press (this is being coordinated by Minu Jose of Mumbai Paani & Focus on the Global South.) 27-30 April Madhya Pradesh where there is a hefty World Bank loan for privatisation underway: Indore: - meeting with water activists, media work Bopal: - visit to villages(tbc) in Madhya Pradesh Bangalore is going through vigorous privatisation process just now; there are also numerous protests: - Mobilisation of groups from different regions planned. *Invitation to book launch in Bangalore 28 April Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu): - visit Palangarai village in Coimbatore District to learn about community participation. 29 April Palakkad/Plachimada (Kerala): - Host in Plachimada is River Research Centre Chalakkudy, an activist group on water at the site of the anti-coke protests. - Water Kerala, a network of NGO s and individuals, will coordinate the programme in Thrissur whereas the Plachimada events will be organised by the Anti-coke campaigners. 29 April Chalakudy: Santiago Arconada (Venezuela) and Olivier Hoedeman (The Netherlands) address the public at Chalakudy *Invitation to book release in Kerala
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