Social and environmental impacts of sugarcane production in Brazil

22 November 2011 - Event
22 November 2011


Maria Luisa Mendonca

Maria Luisa Mendonça, researcher of the University of Sao Paulo will introduce her paper - "A monopoly in Ethanol Production in Brazil: The Cosan-Shell merger" in which she analyses the activities and impacts of the new Shell operation in Brazil. The production of biofules from sugarcane has a high cost - land rights, human rights and labour rights violations are inherent to this business model. Environmental impacts are high and so are the government subsidies the sugar cane industry receives.

Maria will present her main findings, followed by an open forum discussion on the costs of what is said to be the only high volume biofuel that reduces carbon emissions.

This discussion is very relevant to the Netherlands as Dutch ports are the main destinations of Ethanol from Brazil. Dutch industry is looking forward to continued growth in biofuels and other bio-product imports to feed Dutch and European chemical plants and refineries.

We look forward to your participation.

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Picture by Jacob via flickr