Solidarity village for a cool planet

07 December 2007 - Event
07 December 2007 to 10 December 2007
Organised in Bali from 7 - 10 December 2007 during the United Nation Climate Change Conference. An open space gathering all those men and women, from East, West, North and South who believe that global warming cannot be tackled with market solutions and neoliberalism. We believe that solutions can only be found in fundamental changes in the way we produce, trade and consume. Agrofuels and Climate Justice Friday 7 December Location - Bale 1, 4pm to 6pm Carbon Trading Bad for the North, bad for the South and Bad for climate change Saturday, 8 December Location - Bale 1, 1pm to 3pm The World Bank and Climate Change Location -Stage, 4pm - 6pm Saturday, 8 December Plenary on trade and climate change December 8 9am-12noon, Stage Solidarity Village for a Cool Planet This panel will expose the disturbing links between trade and climate change and how institutions like the WTO and other trade regimes are now trying to control what governments can and cannot do about global warming. The danger here is that free trade will become a major driver of false solutions to global warming. The speakers will talk about how the neoliberal system has caused these problems we are facing now and that what we need are not more market based solutions. Speakers: 1) Walden Bello, Focus on the Global South - WTO, FTAs, Trade 2) Henry Saragih, Via Campesina - Agrofuels and impact on farmers 3) Ronnie Hall, Global Forest Coalition - Natural Resources and trade 4) Kevin Smith or someone from Durban Group for Climate Justice - Carbon Trading 5) Changgeun Lee, Korean Confederation of Trade Unions - impact on workers 6) Yoko Akimoto, ATTAC Japan - G8, climate change and mobilizing for G8 in Hokkaido 7) Speaker from Via Campesina Latin America Moderator: Svend Robinson, Public Services International

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For more information go to: Organized by: The Indonesian People's Movement Against Neo-colonialism and Imperialism (GERAK LAWAN; The Indonesian Federation of Peasant's Union/ FSPI, Indonesian Human Rights Commitee for Social Justice/ IHCS, KAU, LS ADI, Federation of Trade Union Jakarta/ FSBJ, KAM LAKSI, Indonesian Youth Front Struggle/ FPPI, KMAI, SHI, Women Solidarity/ SP, WALHI, Institute for Global Justice/ IGJ) together with La Via Campesina, Friends of the Earth International, Focus on the Global South, Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU), Migrant Forum in Asia, ATTAC Japan, Stop the New Round Coalition, Philippines, Kilusang Mangingisda (Fisherfolk Movement-Philippines), Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions (HKCTU), Globalization Monitor, Hong Kong, Transnational Institute, FTA Watch Thailand