Stand up for your rights festival

18 October 2008 - Event
18 October 2008


Kevin Smith...

DATE: Saturday 18 October, 2.00-8.30pm VENUE: Waterloo Action Centre, 14 Baylis Road London SE1 7AA, London Organised by A world to win
- Reconnect with the historic struggle for basic rights in Britain - Reject plans to make ordinary working people pay for the capitalist "credit crunch" through lower wages, unemployment and losing their homes while the rich grow richer - Oppose the undermining of our civil liberties by New Labour and the destruction of the earth’s eco-systems by the corporations - Plan to take control of our lives away from New Labour, the state and the corporations - Organise with other groups and individuals to replace corporate power with people’s power. One of two plays will focus on the Putney Debates held by the New Model Army in 1647 during the English Civil War. The Levellers put forward ‘An Agreement of the People’ which demanded that Parliament be subordinate to the will of the people. A second sketch will highlight the great debate within the Chartist movement in 1839 about how to achieve the vote for workers if – as it did – Parliament rejected their demands. In the ‘Manifesto of Ulterior Measures’, the Chartists said that the poor would prevail against their oppressors, ‘peaceably if we may, forcibly if we must’. A World to Win aims to build, in collaboration with other groups and organisations, a movement for a democratic society based on equality, co-ownership and self-management as the way forward from the current crisis. Programme 2.00 Introduction by Corinna Lotz (secretary, A World to Win) 2.15 Listen and debate. Bill Bowring (human rights lawyer & activist), John McDonnell MP (chair Labour Representation Committee) Global Womens’ Strike, Grattan Puxon (The Gypsy Council) and Paul Feldman (author, Unmasking the State) 4.15 Play – The Putney Principles. The Levellers of 1647 demand equal political rights 4.45 Kevin Smith (Carbon Trade Watch), John Stewart (HACAN-Clear Skies), Rahila Gupta (Southall Black Sisters), Coalition for Independent Action, Ted Knight (former surcharged leader, Lambeth Council) 5.45-7.15 Music by Peyoti for President, David Goo, Talking Trees, Corneilius & The Carbon Town Crier * Refreshments * Bar * NOMADS installation and performance of The Preston Riots; Film and timeline exhibition showing the struggle for rights over the last 200 years 7.15 Play – Unfinished Business. The Chartist movement of the 19th century 7.45 The Crash of 2008 – A way forward: Presentation by Gerry Gold, author A House of Cards – from fantasy finance to global crash + questions 8.30 Close For more information visit A world to win