State of Power report launch at Davos' Public Eye Awards 2014

23 January 2014
23 January 2014

TNI will be attending the Public Eye Awards that will give an award to the corporation voted the worst corporate actor in the previous year. Along with the coalition, Dismantle Corporate Power and End Corporate Impunity, TNI has both nominated a corporation, FIFA, and also will be drawing attention to the need to tackle the structural reasons for corporate impunity.

TNI and the Dismantle Corporate Power campaign nominated FIFA this year for the Public Eye Award. Although it calls itself a ‘non-profit organisation’ FIFA uses its World Cup agreements with host countries to protect the investments of its corporate sponsors; corporations who are given exclusive rights to sell their products during the tournament. This has a major impact on local economies, street vendors and waste pickers who are blocked from venues and persecuted for conducting their regular business during the tournament.  Read more about the nomination on the websites of Dismantle Corporate Power and the Public Eye Award.

At the press conference, held in Davos that announces the winner, Brid Brennan will also present our annual State of Power report that exposes and analyses the corporate power-brokers that consistently commit crimes and have created the financial, social and ecological crises humanity faces.