Taking Health back from Corporations: pandemics, big pharma and privatized health

22 April 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the perils of governments handing over our right to health and life to corporations. The privatization of our health has made millions of people vulnerable to infectious diseases and destroyed the integrated public systems needed to coordinate an effective response.

22 April 2020
16:00 - 17:30 CET

This webinar will bring together experts in healthcare and activists at the forefront of struggles for equitable universal public healthcare from across the globe. It will examine the changes that will be needed in terms of access to medicines, the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare systems, and the global governance of health to prevent future pandemics and bring about public healthcare for all. Join us on Wednesday April 22 at 4pm CET.

The event will also be live-interpreted into Spanish and French thanks to a team of volunteer activist interpreters. Register to receive details.


  • Introduction: Susan George, Author and President of the Transnational Institute

  • Access to medicines, new vaccines and health equipment. Can we dismantle the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) regime?
    Mark Heywood, Treatment Action Campaign and Daily Maverick
    and Kajal Bhardwaj, Public Health Expert and Activist (TBC)

  • How to reverse the great hijack of the public health system by private insurance and profiteers.
    Baba Aye, Public Services International

  • “WHO” rules the global governance of health? Corporate Capture of decision making on Health.
    David Legge, Peoples Health Movement

  • Conclusion: Proposals on possible strategies
    Moderator: Monica Vargas, Corporate Power Project, Transnational Institute

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The webinar is organised by TNI and co-sponsored by Alternative Information & Development Centre (AIDC), Focus on the Global South, People's Health Movement (PHM), Public Services International (PSI), Corporate Accountability International (CAI) and Global Justice Now (GJN).