The future of participatory democracy

25 October 2007 - Event
25 October 2007 to 27 October 2007


Hilary Wainwright, Daniel Chavez, Hilary Wainwright...

VENUE: IPA - Campus DC Shopping, Rua Frederico Mentz, 1606 Porto Alegre - Brazil
Seminar Objectives a. To analyze and debate the place of the state and the urban popular classes in the emerging urban landscape of the 21st century. b. To evaluate the limits and possibilities of: (1) participatory budgeting experiences; (2) community-based organizations’ direct management of social policies; and (3) sectoral councils for co-management of public policies. c. To provide a space for analyses and discussion of existing alternatives around the theme of participatory democracy as social emancipation and social transformation. d. To raise suggestions and guidelines for building an international network of grassrootsbased participatory democracy activists. The Seminar will have 2 levels: 2 night sessions open to the general public and 6 tables and a closing session for previous registered people according to criteria assuring places for grassroots activists, experts and foreign countries participants. Programme Night Sessions 25 October – Global Macroeconomic Context and Neoliberal Governance 26 October – Democracy against Capitalism in the Era of Partnership. Tables 26 October Morning Session A – Participatory Budgeting and Income Distribution; Morning Session B – Glocalising Cities and Resistance Strategies (solidary economy, fair trade, cooperatives, mutual aid, collective property, organic food, copyleft, etc.); Afternoon Session A – The Insurgent Architect and the Privatization of the Urban Experience; Afternoon Session B – Political Learning and Social Emancipation: which tools for who and for what. 27 October Morning Session A – Trenches warfare: social management councils and social policies outsourcing contracts; Morning Session B – Public Opinion, ICT and Direct Democracy. Closing Session Afternoon Session – Guidelines and Suggestions for an Agenda of Struggle in Defense of Participatory Democracy as Social Emancipation and a Possible Chart of Porto Alegre. Registering September 17 to October 11, 2007 Telephone/fax: +55-51-3264.3386
Organised by CIDADE - Centro de Assessoria e Estudos Urbanos With the support of Centro Universitário Metodista IPA Oxfam Novib Transnational Institute