The Global Economic Crisis and EU Responses – Beyond the G20

17 March 2009 - Event
17 March 2009
DATE: Tuesday, 17th March 2009 TIME: 10:00 -12.30pm (coffee at 9.45am) VENUE: Résidence Palace - International Press Centre, Rue de la Loi 155 - Bloc C, 1040 Brussels
See the video > Press coverage DEBATE PANEL: Mr. Gert-Jan Koopman, Director for Structural Reforms, Lisbon strategy, Economic Evaluation, DG Economic and Financial Affairs, European Commission Dr. Walden Bello, Fellow of the Transnational Institute, Senior Analyst at Focus on the Global South, President of the Freedom from Debt Coalition-Philippines, and Professor of Sociology at the University of the Philippines. MODERATOR: Mr. David Gow - European Business Editor, The Guardian Week after week, we see the global economy contracting at a pace worse than predicted by the gloomiest analysts. We are now, it is clear, in no ordinary recession but are headed for a global depression that could last for many years. This crisis has triggered an intense international debate around issues of economic growth, liberalisation, competitiveness, protectionism, regulation, democratic accountability and state intervention. Furthermore, during the last six months we have heard world leaders talking about “Sustainable capitalism”, “Low-Carbon Energy Future”, “Green Economy” and “Reform of the global financial system and the international financial architecture” as ways out of the global crisis. Some of these issues will be at the core of the agenda during the G20 Meeting in April in London when the leaders of the world's major economies and of the global financial institutions will gather. The scheduled Debate on “The global economic crisis and EU responses – Beyond the G20” to be held in Brussels will also focus on these issues and in particular on the proposals that the European Union (EU) is bringing to the G20 Meeting. The Panellists will put forward their own perspectives on the global solutions to the crisis and will debate the merits and challenges of fundamental changes to the global economy. This event is part of 'Debating Europe', a debate series organised in Brussels by the Transnational Institute with policy makers, MEPs and representatives of civil society. For registration and information contact: Pablosanchez[at] 00 32 (0) 486. 50 79 96