The International Seminar/Workshop on Energy Democracy

11 February 2016 - Event
11 February 2016 to 12 February 2016
All day
De Wittenstraat 25, 1052AK Amsterdam

The workshop is hosted by TNI in association with the Rosa Luxembourg Foundation, Global Justice Now, Berliner Energietisch, Platform London, and Public Services International (PSI)

The Februari 2016 meeting has been organised on the basis of conversations in Paris in December 2015 among several organisations active in the field of Energy Democracy (ED). The objectives of the workshop are the following:

1. Share information and experiences

The meeting in Amsterdam will provide an open space to share information on the objectives and activities of each participant in the field of ED, discuss achievements and challenges arising from the current and previous work in related fields (e.g. public water), and share tools and experiences for knowledge productoin and campaigning in this area.

2. Discuss and disseminate innovative approaches

presentations and exchanges around the innovative practices and lessons learnt will constitute an essential part of the workshop. Participants will collectively identify interestin and challenging areas of work in the ED field, based on relevant processes evolving in different regions of the world. 

3. Facilitate the creation of a knowledge-sharing network

The workshop is expected to facilitate agreements among participants with a view to establish a network for the joint colelction and sharing of knowledge and experiences in the ED field, facilitating possible joint research, publications, seminars, web-based courses, and other related activities. 

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