The shape of trade to come

28 June 2017

TNI is holding a three day event together with Seattle to Brussels and the Rosa-Luxemburg Stiftung about what the shape of trade to come should be in and between Latin America and Europe. 

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28 June 2017 to 30 June 2017
The International Auditorium, Boulevard du Roi Albert II, 5 - 1210 Bruselas

This Forum will have three key objectives:

  1. Deepen our analysis of the shifts in Europe and Latin America, and its relations in a new context of global trade and investment discourse, and develop our understanding of the far-right and nationalist narrative on free trade and how to counter it.
  2. Understand the state of movements and mobilization in both regions. What are the key issues and campaigns?
  3. Deepen our analysis and strategies on specific topics (for ex. ongoing negotiations, new EU investment proposal and key political moments like the G20 summit in Hamburg and the WTO Ministerial in Buenos Aires).

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Please find the program for the days here