The struggle against austerity in the EU

09 November 2012

Austerity, Debt, Finance and Economic governance Sphere


Across Europe onerous austerity programmes are imposed. Public expenditure is cut severely, public services are either privatized or reduced, wages are attacked on a scale not seen in decades. Behind the attacks are not only national governments, the EU institutions play a pivotal role. The attacks are met with strong resistance, particularly in Greece, Spain and Portugal. Do we need European coordination of the struggle to be effective? And if so, what kind of coordination would that be?

Among the issues: The strike on the 14th of November, European actions in 2013 including during the EU Spring Summit in late March.

Speakers: Raquel Freire (12th of March Movement, Portugal), Stefano Maruca (FIOM-CGIL), Kenneth Haar (CEO), Sonia Mitralia (CADTM-Greece), Pierre Khalfa (Fondation Copernic) and Fayna Brenes (Colectivo La Casa - Red Baladre, active in 15M and in the struggle against evictions)
Moderator: Brid Brennan (TNI)
Languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish and Greek. 
Organizers: Altersummit, Fondation Copernic, TNI, CEO, CADTM and Ecologistas en Acción.

The EU in Crisis Network aims to challenge the EU's authoritarian neoliberal response to the crisis and take forward alternatives; to inform the broad public of the implications of the solutions being promoted by the EU institutions - within Europe and in the global South and to lay the groundwork for pan-European resistance.