Tipping Points

20 August 2016 - Event

With the topic ”Tipping points” , the 5th edition of the Green Academy 2020 will continue with modulary work in three thematic blocks (commons/degrowth/climate justice) but large parts of the program will be also focused on issues like suspension of democracy, strengthening of social movements,  development of new economic alternatives, all aimed to identify terrain, topics and strategies for systemic change and bold political action.

20 August 2016 to 26 August 2016
Vis, Croatia

The Zagreb-based Institute for Political Ecology, IPE, an active contributor to the TNI-led New Politics initiative, is organising a Summer University (Green School 2020) on the island of Vis in Croatia, from the 20th to the 26th of August.

Since its beginnings in 2010, the Green Academy functions as a platform for dialogue and capacity building among activists, scholars, practitioners and researchers from South Eastern Europe with an interest in green, left or progressive ideas.

The year's edition, entitled "TIPPING POINTS", will gather the participants around three working modules about Climate Justice, Degrowth and the Commons. The main aim will be to identify the driving forces of systemic change that can be triggered by bold social and political actions. Therefore, the program will operate through three core thematic modules while also engaging in diverse discussions related to TTIP, anti-austerity politics, new economic alternatives and contentious politics in Europe.

For this occasion, TNI Fellows Hilary Wainwright, Daniel Chavez and Edgardo Lander will lecture and engage in open debates on issues addressed by the New Politics initiative.

Working languages of the academy will be Croatian and English.

The final programme is available here

More information about this event is available at the IPE website and Facebook.