TNI at the European Summer University

23 August 2017 - Event

The Transnational Institute is participating in the European Summer University in Toulouse, France from 23 to 27 August, 2017.

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23 August 2017 to 27 August 2017

The TNI team will be active in seminar series on: dismantling corporate power, authoritarianism, the free trade regime, and financialisation of nature; building transformative cities; and energy democracy and socially-just public services, as well as in other workshops and events during the week. The ESU is a moment for activists from different European countries to come together to exchange ideas and experiences, coordinate actions against growing inequality, poverty and fascism, and also to move forward, sketching the outlines of fairer and radically different society.

List of activities TNI is participating in:

European Municipalities for the democracy and solidarity against debt and austerity

Free trade, neoliberalism and alternatives

Energy Transition & Democracy: experiences and strategies

Building Resistance and Solidarity to Counter New Authoritarianism, Right-wing Populism and Fascism: A Global Perspective 

Transnational corporations, people and the environment: laws to Dismantle corporate power

Established versus Rebel Europe?

TTIP-free Municipalities: from building resistance to building alternatives to free trade

What are our responses to Europe ́s Border regime?