Towards a 'Bolivarian' Democracy in Venezuela

09 November 2007 - Event
09 November 2007


Juan Carlos Monedero, Daniel Chavez, Juan Carlos Monedero, Agustín Pérez Celis

VENUE: Transnational Institute, 25 De Wittenstraat, Amsterdam DATE: Friday 9 November 2007, 6.30pm
According to President Hugo Chavez, proposals to reform the Venezuelan constitution will aid the creation of a new 'Bolivarian' democracy. The core elements of the proposed legislation include changes in the powers of the President, increased citizens' participation, and various social and economic measures that aim to make the country more inclusive and egalitarian. These will be put to a referendum. TNI and the Venezuelan Embassy in The Netherlands invite you to a debate on the implications of these reforms. Speakers include: - Hon. Agustín Pérez Celis, Venezuelan Ambassador to The Netherlands - Juan Carlos Monedero, Professor of Political Sciences at the Complutense, University of Madrid and Research Co-ordinator at the Centro Internacional Miranda in Caracas. - Daniel Chavez, Fellow and New Politics Programme Co-ordinator of Transnational Institute Chair: Fiona Dove, director Transnational Institute >Background document on constitutional reform