Trade is war: lecture and interview with Yash Tandon

03 June 2015
03 June 2015

On Wednesday the 3rd of June, Yash Tandon will present his new book ‘Trade is War – The West’s War Against the World’. Tandon is an Ugandian scholar with decades of on-the-ground experience as a high level negotiator at for example the World Trade Organization (WTO). From land and water to health and human rights, according to Tandon everything is intimately linked to the issue of free trade. Trade and investment  agreements should be seen as a servant of the global business of multinational corporations. Tandon argues that, for the vast majority of people, and especially those in the poorer regions of the world, free trade not only hinders development – it visits relentless waves of violence and impoverishment on their lives.

After the book presentation Natasja van den Berg will moderate a lively discussion with the public. What does Tandon’s experience mean for the TTIP debate? Come and participate in a conversation with Yash Tandon!

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