Transforming Activisms 2010+

14 June 2013
14 June 2013

The global wave of civic activism unfolding since late 2010 is striking. In major cities of the world, squares were filled with self-organized citizens demanding attention for social and political rights. The protest images were televised, downloaded, and quickly distributed: seemingly diverse sites and types of activisms rapidly connected and spoke to each other. Did this scale and momentum signal a tipping point in a ‘globalisation of disaffection’? Do we witness the emergence of a new age-cohort of activists, similar to the ‘1968 generation’? What were the common elements, and what energy was driving the activisms to the squares and the blog spots?

These and other questions will be discussed during a public seminar at the Institute of Social Studies, organised together with Hivos, at the special occasion of the launch of the Development and Change Forum 2013. Everyone is welcome to participate.


Maha Abdelrahman(University of Cambridge, UK)

Marlies Glasius(University of Amsterdam)

David Sogge(Transnational Institute)

Rosalba Icaza(Institute of Social Studies)

Alan Fowler(Institute of Social Studies)

Facilitation: Remko Berkhout(Hivos) and Kees Biekart(ISS)