VI Hemispheric Meeting of Struggle Against Free Trade Agreements and for the integration of peoples

03 May 2007 - Event
03 May 2007 to 05 May 2007


The hemispheric Meetings of struggle against the FTAA has been a contribution to the social struggle against the policy of the US government geared towards enforcing FTAA in the Region as an expression of their pretended hegemony.

One of the positive results of this struggle has been the stagnation of the negotiations around the FTAA and therefore its non-application as a continental agreement. However, we are aware that the danger that FTAA represents remains to be an absolute fact. The hegemonic will of the government of the United States in the face of these results was re-designed and re-launched in a more vigorous manner, under the disguise of the Free Trade Agreements, bilateral and regional agreements, and multilaterally by the way of the WTO. Today we are confronted with a new and more dangerous juncture, complemented with the advance party of the European Union, their agreement of association and EPA’s which are the expression of free trade agreements sold to us from the old continent.

The Free Trade Agreements and other forms of action linked to free trade policies, entails the same consequences of precariousness and dependence for our peoples, thus confronting such practices becomes an insurmountable need in terms of the defense of our identities and national sovereignty.

A second positive outcome of the struggle against the FTAA has been the construction of a willingness geared towards the creation of alternatives for building a different type of integration amongst our peoples. This accumulation, amongst other things, is what give us the possibility of maintaining an active and constructive dialogue with processes such as the ALBA the TCP’s, the South American Community of Nations and others, which were inaugurated during the Social World Forum for the Integration of the Peoples in Cochabamba.

Havana will be an appropriate venue for continue deepening our efforts.

It is in such direction that the ASC and its Cuban Chapter SUMMONS to “VI Hemispheric Meeting of Struggle against the Free Trade Agreements and for the Integration of Peoples” to take place from May 3 to 5/2007 in Havana, Cuba, where representatives and members of social and political organizations from America; indigenous people; blacks; trade unionists; peasants; students; settlers; religious people; creators; press agents; MP’s; artists and intellectuals; men and women of all races and peoples of the Americas will meet in order to discuss the strategies for the struggle against the diverse expressions of Free Trade practices, the external debt, militarization, the WTO, and for creating a necessary spaces for ourselves in favor of the construction and advancement of integration as part of the alternatives to the neo-liberal model proposed by the present capitalist system.




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