29 October 2006 - Event
29 October 2006


Kamil Mahdi, Ben Hayes, Kamil Mahdi, Ben Hayes

Entry: 5 Euro (in advance) or 7,50 Euro (at the door)

The recent warning from General Richard Dannatt, head of the British army, to Tony Blair that the presence of British troops in Iraq does nothing but worsen the securty situation there, is the latest proof of a growing crisis in George Bush's "Global War on Terror". At the same time, the probable suicide of a Dutch sergeant serving in Afghanistan coincides with new and ongoing reports of the growing violence inflicted by NATO forces on the Afghan population.

These and more topics will be on the agenda at the "War & Peace" national conference on Sunday 29 October at the Felix Meritis, Amsterdam. The programme of the day includes an election debate between spokespeople from the three Dutch progressive parties, and several panel discussions on Iraq, Israel and its occupied neighbours, civil liberties post 9/11, Aghanistan and the role of the media in today's conflicts and violence.

Speakers include:

  • Kamil Mahdi -TNI Fellow, Iraqi Democrats Against the War
  • Ben Hayes - TNI "Next Generation" Scholar, Statewatch - UK
  • Miriyam Aouragh - Together Against Racism
  • Naima Azough - GreenLeft Party
  • Rose Gentle - Military Families Against the War UK (whose son Gordon died in Iraq)
  • Abdel Bari Atwan - Arab newspaper Al-Quds
  • Harry van Bommel - Socialist Party
  • George Galloway - Stop the War Coalition UK (live from London)
  • Bart Griffioen - International Socialists
  • Salam Ismael - Doctor from Fallujah, Iraq
  • Dyab Abou Jahjah - Arab European League (in Lebanon during the recent invasion)
  • Hajo Meijer - A Different Jewish Voice
  • Geoffrey Millard - Iraq Veterans Against the War, US
  • Jonathan Neale - Globalise Resistance, UK
  • Mohamed Rabbae - Enough Is Enough
  • Tariq Shadid - Palestinian Community Netherlands
  • Behnam Taebi - No War Against Iran
  • Tanya Reinhart - Independent analyst - Israel

Debates and discussions about::

  • Dutch troops in Afghanistan: rebuilding or occupying forces? (Election debate with Labour Party, Socialist Party and GreenLeft Party spokespeople)
  • CNN to Al-Jazeera: The "Global War on Terror" and the role of media
  • Post September 11, politics of fear and the attack on civil liberties
  • Liberation- occupation - civil war: what is the future of Iraq?
  • Lebanon and Palestine: Peace without Justice?
  • Breaking with Bush: Strategies for a new peace movement

Film programme including the Dutch premieres of:

  • SIR! NO SIR! - about US soldiers' resistance during the war in Vietnam
  • INSIDE IRAQ: THE UNTOLD STORIES - images from Iraq that didn't make the mainstream media

Cultural evening programme including DJ Neil (Sounds and Views from the Middle East) and a performance by the Yuri Honings jazz trio featuring Joost Lijbaart and Tony Overwater

The War & Peace Conference is an initiative from the "Stop the War" Coalition and is sponsored financially by ICCO, Novib, GroenLinks and TNI.

To purchase a ticket or to help distribute flyers and posters, send us an email at: info[at]stopoorlog.nl

More information at: www.stopoorlog.nl