Why is the Populist Right Rising?

08 June 2017 - Event

Trump, Brexit, Wilders, Le Pen, the so-called alt-right and extreme right: the politics of fear and hate seems to have become a worldwide phenomenon. How can we make sense of the exponential growth of the extreme-right in Europe and the US? Three experts on racism, the populist right and islamophobia will talk about the extreme political climate we are currently seeing and the prospects for a new politics of hope and solidarity.

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08 June 2017
Melkweg Amsterdam Lijnbaansgracht 234a, 1017 PH Amsterdam, Netherlands

With speakers: Anousha Nzume, Arun Kundani and Ben Hayes .

Doors open 19.30.


Arun Kundnani writes about race, islamophobia, political violence, and surveillance. Kundnani is former editor of the journal Race & Class and currently a scholar-in-residence at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, New York Public Library. His latest book is The Muslims are Coming! Islamophobia, extremism, and the domestic War on Terror. Kundnani is also the author of the book The End of Tolerance: racism in 21st century Britain, which was selected as a New Statesman book of the year in 2007.

Anousha Nzume is an activist, writer, actress, TV-presenter and comedian. Nzume recently published the book Hallo Witte Mensen (Dear White People) about white privilege and other forms of racism. She has moderated demonstrations for LGBT-rights in Russia and against the trade and investment agreements TTIP and CETA. Nzume has been outspoken in the public debate about the racist character "Black Pete" that is part of the Dutch Sinterklaas holiday.

Ben Hayes is a fellow and researcher at the Transnational Institute (TNI) on security policies, counter-terrorism, border control and data protection. Since 1996 he works with the civil liberties organisation Statewatch. His 2009 investigation into the European Security-Industrial Complex (published by TNI, NeoConOpticon) was downloaded over a million times and catalysed reform of EU security research policy. Hayes also co-edited the book The Secure and the Dispossessed - How the Military and Corporations are Shaping a Climate-Changed World.