Agro-ecology: A Solution to the Food Crisis

19 September 2014 - Event
19 September 2014

Small-scale farmers and fishers provide food for a large part of the world’s population in ways that sustain rural livelihoods, cultures and ecologies. Yet they are rarely consulted about the solutions needed to address hunger. Instead, industrial food production continues to be heavily promoted, to the detriment of small scale producers and agricultural workers, while leading to major CO2 emissions and food waste. Small scale producers, especially women, face unprecedented grabs of their land, water and fishing grounds, due to investments of agribusiness, mining and other corporations, facilitated by discriminatory trade policies. Their right to food is heavily undermined.

Creating a just and sustainable food system at a time of climate crisis will require investing in agro-ecological alternatives that respect nature’s vital cycles and place people-centred development above profits. Many farmers and consumers around the world are building such alternative strategies to nourish themselves and their communities, and with better policy support they have the potential to produce even more,first and foremost for inclusive local and national food markets.

In her first public speech, Dr. Hilal Elver will present her views on how to feed the world, outline her plans as the new rapporteur on the right to food and respond to questions from the audience. Marcel Beukeboom (Head Food & Nutrition Security, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade, Development Cooperation) will talk about the Dutch Government policy on food security.

With inputs from Sylvia Kay, researcher at Transnational Institute (TNI), Sofia Monsalve of human rights organization FIAN, Danny Wijnhoud (ActionAid) Sergio Sauer (Former National Rapporteur on the Right to Food in Brazil) and Hanny van Geel from the world-wide peasants’ movement La Via Campesina. Moderated by Sandra Rottenberg.

When: September 19th 20:00-22:00

Where: De Rode Hoed, Keizersgracht 102 Amsterdam

Tickets: 5 euros, students & unemployed: 2,50:

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