Rising Powers and the Future of Global Governance

16 May 2012 - Event
16 May 2012 to 17 May 2012


Achin Vanaik, Barry K Gills, Boris Kagarlitsky, Patrick Bond

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Little more than a decade ago, the economic and financial crisis that swept across the non-Western world (the so called ‘Asian financial crisis’ of 1997-8) was ostensibly a harbinger of the end of ‘late development’ and a reassertion of the West’s political and economic dominance over the Global South.

The current global crisis, however, primarily originated in the practices of the West. The global crisis poses a challenge to the continued global hegemony of the West and its neoliberal mode of capitalism. Its dynamics raise the possibility of a resurgence of the Global South as a major global economic and political force.

This international conference seeks to critically examine how the “Rising Powers of the Global South” are (or are not) seeking to reform, transform, or provide alternatives to the contemporary system of global governance. We will aim to examine the implications of ongoing shifts in the locus of global economic and political power in relation to broader questions of democracy, legitimacy, and social justice in global politics.

Thereby, we will aim to provide new insights into the sustainability of the present order and possibilities for transformation of the global political economy and the emergence of new forms of global governance.

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