Asem leaders told: Counter crises effects with people-centered policies

06 November 2012
In the media

The people’s pauperization and environmental destruction caused by the still-raging global financial crisis must be countered with people-centered policies and practices, international civil society groups told state leaders of Asia and Europe Tuesday.

In the Declaration of the Ninth Asia-Europe People’s Forum (AEPF9) crafted and finalized during the civil society forum on Oct. 16-19, citizens’ groups said governments from the two continents must frame these policies on the principles of “respect for gender equality, environment, and human rights.”

The Declaration was submitted in behalf of the AEPF by the Lao government, which coordinated both the AEPF and the Asem.

The AEPF is traditionally held simultaneously with the Asem, but the lack of infrastructure to accommodate participants to both fora in Laos has forced the holding of the AEPF a couple of weeks earlier than the Asem. While both fora are non-binding, strategic high-level policies are traditionally initiated here.

More than 1,200 people—representatives of major people’s movements, prominent scholars, progressive policy-makers across Asia and Europe—from about countries in Asia and 15 countries in Europe, and around 400 Laotians from mass and non-government organizations attended the AEPF9.

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TNI is the European coordinator of the Asia-Europe People's Forum.