The Next Human Rights Challenge - Jenny Franco at World Water Week

The Global Land Grab, The Next Human Rights Challenge For Business
28 August 2012
In the media

Since the first huge spike in global food prices back in 2007-2008, companies and foreign governments have acquired or signed long term leases for land in Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia. Many of these transactions were negotiated quickly and in secrecy.

Transnational Institute’s Jennifer Franco pointed out the human cost of these land swaps, and her descriptions of the effects on local communities should serve as a warning to businesses involved in these gargantuan land deals. This land, said Franco, is not “empty” or “unusable,” but in fact serves a vital need for the locals who had access to this land for years. The switch to private investors is especially disastrous for women who are then deprived of such land, on which they had depended to provide for their families.

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Photo by lydur.