Strategies to end the Israeli occupation

Phyllis Bennis Talks to Austin activists
15 November 2010

An analysis of how the deadly raid on the Mavi Maramara by the Israeli Navy has changed the public opinion so dramatically in the U.S., and in Israel.

Bennis outlines how to organize a successful newspaper campaign through persistent credible and respectful relationship building. She explains how campaigns can strengthen often divided community organizations, uniting them under the umbrella of a group effort such as a "Campaign to stop Contracts with the Caterpillar Corporation (for a city or a university)." The Caterpillar Corp. sells the D9 earthmover to Israel exclusively. The D9 is no ordinary bulldozer: it is more than 13 feet tall and 26 feet wide, weighs more than 60 tons with its armored plating, and can raze houses in a matter of minutes, according to the Center for Constitutional Rights. In addition to being retrofitted to hold heavy machine guns and in some cases grenade launchers, many D9 bulldozers are now driverless and can be operated by remote control, according to a March 2009 article in The Jerusalem Post. UT Austin and the city of Austin have not yet cancelled their contracts with the Caterpillar Corporation.