Online course: Unpacking the Energy Charter Treaty

15 April 2021

Join our 5-week online course for activists, trade unionists, policy-makers and journalists, to understand what makes the ECT dangerous, how the treaty is expanding and greenwashing its record, and what we can do about it.

15 April 2021 to 13 May 2021
Five 1.5 hour live sessions every week [Thursdays 12:30-14.00 CET]

The Energy Charter Treaty is an obscure international treaty giving energy corporations the power to sue governments for billions for climate action, including policies to phase out coal, ban oil drilling, or reverse failed energy privatisations.

The ECT poses a fundamental threat to our democracies, people, and the planet. Companies have already cashed in over $51 billion in taxpayers’ money, and they’re after $35 billion more.

The good news? A movement is growing to stop this dangerous treaty. Join our 5-week online course.

Five 1.5 hour live sessions every week [Thursdays 12:30-14.00 CET]

The course:

  • Live sessions every week featuring international experts.
  • Interactive methodologies such as quizzes, role-playing, exercises, break-out groups and time for discussions,
  • Key background material selected by experts,
  • Discussion and quiz questions to help participants reflect on how discussions apply to their own context.

What will I learn?

In just 5 weeks, participants will gain better understanding and capacity to debate on:

  • How can the ECT impede urgent climate action?
  • How investors have used the ECT over the last 20 years?
  • The biggest myths used to promote the ECT and how to counter them,
  • The state of play on the expansion of the ECT to the Global South and which countries are at risk,
  • The rising backlash against the ECT and the modernisation process,
  • What’s best: fixing, leaving or killing the ECT?

You can find more information and register here.