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Supervisory Board

  1. Pauline Tiffen

    Chair of the Board

    Pauline Tiffen is the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Fair Trade. She has worked actively to make trade fair for more than 30 years: as worker, company director, innovator, advisor, consultant, mentor and writer. She currently divides her time between consultancy with Verité (Fair Labor. Worldwide) and advisory roles in Uganda as Chairperson of the Rwenzori Sustainable Trade Centre, in...

  2. board member Ruth Kronenburg

    Ruth Kronenburg

    Treasurer/Audit Committee

    Ruth Kronenburg studied Communication and Business Administration. For years she worked in the commercial world of television where she held various management and executive positions. In 2009 she joined the Iranian radio station “Radio Zamaneh”, where she was touched by the personal stories of people who worked at the radio station and who had left Iran, often risking their own lives. Their...

  3. Frenk van Enckevort

    Frenk van Enckevort

    Board Member

    Frenk van Enckevort holds a Master in Sociology of Organisations. He is committed to improving living conditions and future prospects for disadvantaged people, especially in developing countries and fragile settings. His international career within governmental institutions and development organisations spans several decades and has made him an expert in management and organisation. Frenk...

  4. Imad Sabi

    Board Member

    Imad Sabi works in Oxfam IBIS, as a member of the Education Out Loud team, a GPE-funded global program to strengthen civil society activism and advocacy on education. Previously he worked for the Open Society Foundations' Education Program; Oxfam Novib's Global Programs Department in the Netherlands, and for the Dutch development agency Kerkinactie as a Senior Program Officer for Emergencies in Africa and the Middle East. He...