Democratising Europe Works On

Democratising Europe Project works on  range of subject and issues.

Democratising Europe works on a range of subjects and issues. The main issues can be summarised in the following area's:

  • EU in Crisis
  • Democratisation of Europe
    Building Together “Another Europe”: Over the last 10 years, TNI has been exposing the flaws of the European Integration model and calling for a more democratic, socially and environmentally just Europe. Particularly, TNI has demonstrated the problems of neoliberal regional integration and the limits of the export-led integration model in Europe. Since 2010, TNI’s work on Europe has focused on challenging key components of the European Commission’s Economic Governance legislative plans that transfers powers away from EU member states and EU citizens to Brussels. TNI and its partners have analysed the changes and their economic and democratic implications, brought them to the attention of a wider CSO audience, and proposed and supported alternative responses to the EU financial crisis.
  • Alternative Trade Mandate
  • Austerity Forever
  • Economic Governance