Happy Birthday TNI

TNI turns 40 in 2014 and has received many birthday wishes from social movements, academics, activists, grassroots community groups, journalists, writers and policy makers. We are proud to have worked alongside them in a struggle for a more just world and deeply touched by their praise for our work.

TNI Tribe happy hands
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Elizabeth Mpofu
Elizabeth Mpofu
Dear friends of TNI,

For La Via Campesina and the peasant movement one of the central conflicts is the one between peasant based and corporate driven agriculture. Over the last years TNI has taken up an important role in the work on corporate issues. These issues have taken new relevance with issues such as land grabbing and resource grabbing in the broader sense. We really hope that you can strengthen your work on corporate issues and continue to be of very valuable ally our movements,


Elizabeth Mpofu
La Via Campesina

Naomi Klein
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Happy 40th TNI!

Your rich network of scholars, researchers and journalists helped to create the intellectual frame for the most important movements of my lifetime. I cannot describe how much I have learned from you, and relied upon you, over the years. Thank you for continuing to push yourselves, and all of us, to keep digging deeper.


Naomi Klein
Author of Shock Doctrine and No Logo

John Cavanagh
John Cavanagh
TNI was the first institute dedicated to closing the gap between rich and poor nations and people, a mission as vital today as it was 40 years ago. In the process of tackling this giant problem, and in convening some of the best minds from South and North, TNI expanded the world views of public scholars and activists the world over. It did this for me, and it provided me great friends and colleagues for life. Happy Birthday, TNI. I am so glad that the histories of IPS and TNI have been intertwined from day one.  

John Cavanagh
Director of the Institute for Policy Studies and a founding fellow of The Transnational Institute

Melissa Leach
Melissa Leach
Global land grabbing, green grabbing.... In a world of intensifying resource pressures, defending people's rights and livelihoods from relentless commoditisation and marketisation is more vital than ever.TNI's support for our work in this area has been welcome and inspiring. Happy birthday TNI and keep up the struggle for social justice.

Professor Melissa Leach
Director designate, Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex

Olivier de Schutter
Olivier de Schutter
TNI was set up at a critical time, when neoliberalism was preparing to take over with the message, which became mainstream in the 1980s, that we are condemned to austerity policies, growing inequalities, and the transformation of the welfare State into the competitive State. TNI and others have fought the battle of ideas throughout these years to show that there is no fatality, and that another world is possible. It is a battle that is being won in the public opinion, as a new generation of activists have transformed alter-globalization into a mass movement. But it must be fought now in boardrooms, before parliamentary committees, and in cabinet meetings. TNI was highly relevant when it was set up; but it is needed now more than it ever was.   Olivier De Schutter
United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right to food

I have just learned that TNI is celebrating its 40th anniversary. Definitely an occasion for celebration of many years of fine and important work, of inestimable value to all of us who hope to understand something about a complex world with many urgent problems and dilemmas. I’d like to join in the very well-deserved congratulations.

Noam Chomsky

Feliz cumpleaños TNI!

En la oficina andina de la Fundación Rosa Luxemburg, y creo poder hablar a nombre del Grupo Permanente sobre Alternativas al Desarrollo que coordinamos desde aquí, estamos convencidos de que deberían existir no uno, sino muchos TNI: actores comprometidos con el cambio de nuestro mundo capitalista, patriarcal, neocolonial y depredador de la naturaleza. Actores comprometidos con enlazar los saberes, las experiencias de transformación y los debates en el Sur. Actores comprometidos también en establecer un verdadero diálogo Norte-Sur. Agradecemos a tod@s l@s integrantes del TNI, a tod@s l@s fellows, su esfuerzo en solidaridad. Esperamos fortalecer esta alianza recién tejida en la construcción de alternativas, desde las visiones utópicas hasta las prácticas locales, pasando por políticas públicas en todas las escalas.

Nuestro deseo: Que el TNI tenga una larga vida, y que juntos logremos colocar el mundo patas arriba, como debería ser!
Abrazos desde Quito y América del Sur

Miriam Lang
Directora Región Andina, Fundación Rosa Luxemburg

Congratulations on 40 years of activist scholarship and scholar activism! TNI is still evolving and playing an important role in each new wave of movements.

Laurence Cox
Department of Sociology
National University of Ireland Maynooth

Estimados amigos y amigas de TNI

Quienes hemos sido militantes politicos de la izquierda uruguaya y latinoamericana, que hemos estado en varias batallas politicas duras y dificiles, TNI ha sido un faro progresista donde siempre hemos encontrado solidaridad, apoyo y orientacion. Puedo afirmarlo. Desde el 2005 tengo responsabilidades de gobierno. Pero hemos estado en la lucha por la liberacion nacional, la justicia social y la plena vigencia de los DDHH desde hace 47 años. Desde la protesta estudiantil en el 68, la insurgencia armada en los 70, el exilio y persecusion en el Cono Sur y la lucha contra el terrorismo de Estado. Por eso junto a otros hombres y mujeres que han asumido ese compromiso, hemos sentido a TNI, a sus hombres y mujeres, como compañeros solidarios, con los que uno podia contar siempre para el logro de pasos concretos y para contar con pensamiento claro, critico y alternativo.

En Uruguay, podemos dar cuenta que el Progresismo, como Uds. bien lo definen, en esta etapa de globalizacion totalizante y autoritaria, es un punto de referencia para la accion transformadora, con amplitud para ganar aliados y avanzar en una socieda mas justa. TNI nuevamente es un faro internacionalista de gran potencia.

He tenido el honor y placer, cuando ejerci la Secretaria General de la JND de Uruguay, de coorganizar junto a TNI y WOLA, en el año 2007, el Primer Dialogo Informal sobre Politicas de Drogas en America Latina,. Los resultados que hoy tenemos en Uruguay en el terreno de drogas y DDHH, tienen tambien como referencia estos pasos y este apoyo constante de Uds. Nos hemos nutrido de vuestra experiencia, del seguimiento y orientacion que tan brillantemente han realizado Martin Jelsma y Pien Meetal, de otros compañeros y compañeras de TNI, que ademas nos posibilito unir esfuerzos con otros colegas y amigos de toda la America Latina. La interaccion y el intercambio de puntos de vista sobre este tema han sido una muestra contundente de las virtudes del dialogo y debate que tanto reclamamos en otros foros. En Uruguay, en politica de drogas, hemos tenido una virtud importante. Hemos podido asegurar la continuidad de las politicas de drogas con una buen relevamiento de los responsables y equipos, contemplando un orden de continuidad donde los objetivos estrategicos fueron consensuados previamente y tienen coherencia. Con el compañero Julio Calzada, actual Secretario General de la JND, que ha sido el verdadero arquitecto de la nueva ley de regulacion del cannabis, hemos constituido un equipo de continuidad. TNI ha sido en este sentido, tambien un apoyo y garante de la construccion permanente de politicas de drogas y ddhh.

Gracias por su apoyo y solidaridad. Que puedan festejar estos 40 años con mucha felicidad y que podamos compartir otros muchos mas con el mismo nivel de compañerismo y amistad que ha caracterizado estos años de luchas.

Como decimos en nuestro pais: Salud y ¡Arriba los que luchan

Embajador Milton Romani Gerner
Representante Permanente de Uruguay ante la O.E.A

Thoughts on TNI"s 40th

TNI was born out of the assumption that, while IPS' public scholars had produced a goodly crop of innovative ideas on how, in the words of the Torah, to repair the world, there must be women and men in Europe and elsewhere in the non-American corners of the globe qualified to contribute to this worthy project. Has this hypothesis stood the test of time? Oh, has it ever! But then, with Eqbal Ahmad, Marc Raskin, Dick Barnet, Susan George and Sam Rubin present at the creation, how could it not?

Thanks to Sam's seed funding and Hermann von Hatzfelt's purchase of TNI's home, Twenty Paulus Potter Straat, became, in short order, a combination flop house, academy and agora, with brilliant and preposterous ideas swirling up and down its three floors.

TNI has modeled the decent and democratic way to solve global problems by incorporating people from all parts of the affected communities to the table. It is a model that deserves replication by all caring parties.

We've been amazed at how productive TNI Fellows have been. We think it's almost a miracle that you have stood the test of time. The world still needs your vision for a future free of nuclear weapons, war, social injustice and inequality. So we send our warmest wishes and congratulations to everyone associated with TNI, and a special hurrah to Fiona for holding it together.

Happy 40th, may it continue!

Peter and Cora Weiss

Congratulations to TNI. For decades TNI has been an intellectual powerhouse, in the US as well as in The Netherlands. I have always valued your thorough analyses of economic and political power inequalities, your dedication to human rights and your willingness to take sides. Thank you!

Jan Pronk
Professor Theory and Practice of International Development at the Institute of Social Studies, The Hague

For 40 years, TNI has been a leading voice for justice, human rights and environmental stewardship. I can honestly say there are only a few organisations in the world that are truly irreplaceable and TNI is one of them. On issue after issue, TNI has been out in front, leading our thinking, challenging us to act.
What would we do without TNI? Here is to our international solidarity and joint commitment to a world we know is possible. May this dream - and TNI - live another 40 years.
Happy birthday!

Maude Barlow
National Chairperson, Council of Canadians Board Chair, Food and Water Watch

Desde Enginyeria Sense Fronteres queremos felicitar el 40 cumpleaños a TNI una institución con la que llevamos colaborando desde hace años, compañeros de luchas contra la privatización del agua y el poder de las grandes corporaciones, entre otras. Gracias por vuestro apoyo sobretodo en los tiempos difíciles y por todo el trabajo realizado que tanto ha inspirado a muchos movimientos sociales. Esperamos poder seguir compartiendo y luchando juntos muchos años! Feliz cumpleaños!!

An old friend of mine once asked who and what TNI was about... I started telling him about TNI's amazing fellows, and the extraordinary work of the projects and the fellowship, and he began to smile. "Watching the global movements we've been seeing on the rise these last few years, I've been wondering where all those good ideas were hatched. Now I'm starting to understand."
TNI has been and remains a place where really good ideas are hatched, ideas that global social movements can use, engage with, build on.... And it remains at the center of our global work. Happy birthday, TNI. And let's move on to the next forty!

Phyllis Bennis

TNI has been for me since the 80's a school of political values and friendship. Moreover, when nobody talked about networking, TNI (and IPS) generated research and activism’s networks and circuits among the U.S., Europe and Southern countries. These networks were a vanguard, and still produce work of great importance today.

Mariano Aguirre
Former TNI deputy director. Director of the Norwegian Peacebuilding Resource Centre (NOREF)

Happy 40th TNI!! A haven of academic and activist responsibility - may it go further and deeper into the world's critical injustices and highlight them to an even wider public.

Simon Hodges
Creative Businees Writer & Storyteller

It is with great pleasure that I offer congratulations to TNI on reaching this amazing milestone. Open Society Foundations is proud and honored to support the work of the many great people who have worked with TNI over the past four decades, and will continue to make TNI a leading institution in social justice and inclusion. Your cutting edge contributions to research and advocacy around human rights and drug policy have been instrumental in bringing us closer to a just and democratic world. We look forward to the next four decades of amazing work from TNI, and wish you the sincerest Happy Birthday wishes!

Kasia Malinowska-Sempruch
Director, Global Drug Policy Program Open Society Foundations

I would like to wish TNI a very happy 40th birthday. TNI is at the forefront of so many campaigns for global justice that it is sometimes hard to keep track off all its remarkable contributions. However, over the last 6 years it has played a particularly important role in highlighting the intensification of neoliberalism in Europe in the wake of the economic crisis - including through producing reports on privatization, on the negotiation of trade and investment agreements, and many others. TNI does not just produce high quality research, it facilitates and stimulates action through organising meetings and other practical forms of networking. Our activist landscape would be immeasurably poorer without it. Here's to the next 40 years!

Andy Storey (UCD and Action from Ireland)
Queen's University Belfast

Congratulations TNI! Together, you've done a brilliant job!! Keep the energy and ideas flowing!

Colin Archer
Secretary-General International Peace Bureau

Dear TNI,
Many 40 year olds go through middle-age crisis, but not TNI. As much as ever before, you continue to find the most important and topical issues to focus on, and give them a critical, international focus. No need for a red sports car. Keep revving the intellectual engines!

David McDonald
Municipal Services Project

Congratulations to the TNI for longevity. You must be doing many things right, to last for so long. Not least of these 'right things' is the maintenance of your Executive Director Fiona Dove, who has stayed the course , and kept a steady hand on the rudder. I always enjoyed my annual visits to TNI meeting when I published books with TNI. That was a good experience. TNI brings together many diverse voices, geographically and politically from across the world, this is the essence of such success for so long.
Long may you last.

Roger van Zwanenberg
Pluto Books Ltd

Dear TNI,
Many happy returns!
40 years of progressive struggle has proved that your significant presence in the fight against injustice is the needed by our world. Your publications have been unfolding the truths behind global economic order that the world needs to know, and they are always the greatest references in the sector.
Happy birthday, TNI!

M. Riza Damanik
Executive Director Indonesia for Global Justice (IGJ)

For any politically progressive organization, surviving four full decades, and remaining relevant in the process, is a big accomplishment. TNI has done so much more than survive. It has grown into one of the most trusted and respected sources of critical analyses, alternative policy ideas, and radical visions of a better world. And it has nurtured movements for global justice and ecological sanity that will be indispensable in building that world.

William K. Carroll, PhD
Professor of Sociology, University of Victoria

Congratulations and happy 40th birthday to TNI! I will be happy to send some reflections and congratulations to what I have regarded as one of the most important research institutes in the modern world ---and which for me personally have been a community of fellows and friends (since 1989). Long may TNI continue and prosper!
Yours faithfully,

Barry Gills
Professor of Development Studies, University of Helsinki, Finland

Happy 40 years of cutting edge and progressive research and analysis on various topics that are very important to poor people and the mass movements around the world. Your work on agrarian reform and peasant movements particularly here in the Philippines, has helped us to continuously think and rethink our perspectives and actions in our effort to build a better, more dynamic rural mass movements.
Once again, happy 40th anniversary. Another 40 years is possible!

Danny Carranza
Rural Poor Institute for Land and Human Rights Services (RIGHTS) Network
Kilusan para sa Repormang Agraryo at Katarungang Panlipunan (KATARUNGAN)

I gladly congratulate TNI with its 40th birthday! A unique organisation... We all love debates and we all have opinions, but TNI has a special place as it brings not just passion but also academic evidence to the table, providing civil society and policy makers with the ammunition they need to take progressive policy forward. With a unique international network, smart choice of topics and a knack for timing, TNI has been instrumental in bringing changes. Plus it cleverly uses the latest and smartest technologies to make sure its thorough research is also digestible for the general public, such as animation and its great infographics lately.
Look forward to continue our working relationship!

Lieke Ruijmschoot
PME advisor Fair, Green and Global Alliance

Happy 40th, TNI! Your unprecedented network of scholars and activists raises the bar globally for what it means to be a thoughtful participant in movements for progressive political change around the world. Reading your publications and participating in your events over the past decades has been an incredible inspiration to me, and I look forward to celebrating another 40 years with you!

David Evan Harris
Social Change Agent, Institute for the Future
Executive Director, Global Lives Project

I first run into TNI in 1986. I was then with departed comrade Boy Morales, both of us just released from Marcos prison and invited to a European speaking tour which included TNI in the program. (In 1989 I met its parent IPS.) Since then TNI has been a part of my life as an activist.
I will continue to value that association with you.
How so hard to build a more equal and happy world!
Forty years is not enough. Long live, TNI!
In solidarity,

Gani Serrano
President, The Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement Philippines

I salute TNI at its historic anniversary for their consistency and determination in practicing the values necessary for a decent future for people internationally. TNI is at the forefront of producing, interpreting and disseminating knowledge that matches historical truths and multiple realities, in a wold system where the massive outflow of information and new technologies mystify and confuse popular imaginations. I sincerely hope people world over will continue to support TNI in the various ways they can. This is important for the multiple streams of ideas, peoples, and lives.
TNI has touched my life in a positive way. It can touch yours.

Professor Anuradha Mitra Chenoy
School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University

I am very happy to see that within 40 years TNI has effectively managed not been lured into the mainstream, dominant discourses. Your approach on making a strong link between progressive academia and activism is urgently needed in this world.
Keep up the great work and the struggle – No: extend it. We need you

Roman Herre
Food First Information and Action Network, FIAN

PS: Some flowers attached

I congratulate on the occasion of Transnational Institute turning 40. It is great occasion to celebrate and remember the good progressive work TNI has done in the field of national liberation, pro democracy and solidarity movement, nuclear disarmament, feminist and green and anti globalization movements.
I personally have benefited from participation in activities of TNI and reading some of the important work it has been publishing, since my exile period in Amsterdam during the eighties.
Hope that TNI will continue working on the same good path that it chosen for 40 years.

Farooq Tariq
general secretary, Awami Workers Party Pakistan

Happy Birthday, TNI – and best solidarity wishes from War on Want!
You are an inspiration to all of us in what you achieve, and a pleasure to work with.
Here’s to the next 40 years of changing the world for the better!

John Hilary
Executive Director, War on Want

Happy Birthday, TNI! 生日快乐!Congratulations and looking forward to the great things you will achieve in the Year of the Horse!

Justin Fong
Moving Mountains

As policy officer in CNCD-11 11 11, Brussels, and president of the Belgian platform of Concord, I’d like to wish you a very happy birthday and to thanks TNI for 4O years support and incentive to our reflexions and actions in order to build a better, fairer and more sustainable world: TNI’s publications and campaigns are always fruitful tools to help our organizations and partners to understand what social, economic and environmental justice means : we hope that it will be still the case for many years ! Be proud of your work !

Gérard Karlshausen
Président de la plate-forme belge de CONCORD

Suffering a baptism of fire from Pinochet state terrorism with the assassination of Orlando Letelier, both TNI and IPS rose again to combat the twin challenges of international terrorism by rogue states with zero respect for international law or human rights and from rogue corporations whose global capitalism continues to blast through our planet's essential limits. Happy birthday TNI, your work is appreciated; may you have forty more years of increased productivity.

Tony Phillips
ProjectAllende.org, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Happiest Birthday Wishes to TNI !
I had read Susan George's writings since the early-1970s and had known of TNI's existence for some time. After my long stint as a prisoner of conscience, I was invited to Amsterdam for a TNI/BCN event in 2006. I was given a stack of TNI books and so the relationship continued and grew.
A book club by the name of Nagani (Red Dragon) had existed in Burma/Myanmar in the late 1930s and it had been instrumental in providing much-needed intellectual inputs for the nationalist movement. A popular and stirring song on it is played to this day. A while ago I remarked to colleagues that TNI is the equivalent institution (and more) today for Myanmar as it goes through the throes of its emergence from authoritarianism and meets the challenges of untrammeled neoliberalism.

Khin Zaw Win
Tampadipa Institute, Yangon

'It is so rare these days to find an organisations truly dedicated to the radical change needed to come to real equality and sustainability. TNI is such an organisation, and I wish them all the best for their anniversary and many, many more years!'
All the best,

Bram Buscher
International Institute of Social Studies (ISS)

Happy Birthday TNI. Thanks for sustaining a global point of resistance to empire and capital.

David Hallowes

40 years ago I was 13. I was just beginning to realize that there was a world outside. I was trying to find the coordinates to progressively understand my place, what was beyond the physical and mental borders of my childhood. And start walking and exploring that world. After a couple of years I got engaged in politics and this is where I am still right now. In a way even when I did not know the TNI, you were there already, with your scholars, activists, your relentless and careful work of disassembling the dominant discourse of the elites and establishments of any kind, from political to financial to military. And offer the necessary instruments to engage a take action. I think that this is what TNI should first and foremost be applauded for. The capacity and generosity of offering to social movements and concerned progressive, anticapitalist, feminist, environmentalist individuals and collectives a toolkit to understand and take action. Coupling academic rigour with political engagement with social and political actors, nurturing networked politics at a global and regional scale. Facilitate coalition building and the creation of platforms, with a spirit of genuine collaboration and solidarity. I have worked with TNI more or less directly for years and I still consider myself as a part of this community. First as an activist, then as member of Parliament in Italy, then as juror of the Permanent People's tribunal – we held a series of groundbreaking sessions on the EU and Latin America – now as head of the international department of the party Sinistra Ecologia Libertà. And mostly I have met people that have become true friends. Now that we are all embarking in a common effort to build another Europe, TNI contribution will be even more needed, and I very much look forward to our common next steps together.

Francesco Martone
Sinistra Ecologica Libertà

I first went to TNI in the early 1990s as an activist working in the solidarity movements with Central America. It was and has remained unique as a truly international network of left intellectuals linked to popular movements and civil society groups across the globe. In addition to the high quality of its research and publications, its annual fellows meeting have been a continual source of practical intellectual nourishment, always ahead of their time (I remember the first discussions of globalisation there in 1991), always willing to challenge accepted orthodoxies and consensus, and always bringing in new views and different generations of activists to keep the debate fresh, relevant and alive. The community of those who will forever seek to change the world for the better and never be content with the status quo, has been immeasurably strengthened and enriched by TNI. Congratulations to its founders, fellows and staff and long may its work continue!

Patrick Costello
EU Official

To the TNI team: Congratulations! 40 Years young and still going strong. Thanks for all your commitment, collegiality and persistent critical eye on significant international issues. All the best for the coming next decades!

Human Security Collective: Lia, Fulco, Jeanne and Siebrich

Happy Birthday TNI. Keep expanding the vision and connecting our struggles and victories. As former Chair and present member of the Board of Trustees of the Institute for Policy Studies I've always admired the prescience of TNI to formally connect social justice movements through convening horizontally related Brain Trusts to inform, enlighten, inspire, and guide towards a New World of justice, equality, and spiritual and material security.

James Counts Early
Board of Trustees of the Institute of Policy Studies

Among the few organizations dealing responsibly and critically with the complexity of our world´s current issues, for sure TNI has a special place. That´s why More Democracy Institute has TNI as one of our leading references.
Long life to TNI

Carlos Tautz, co-ordinator
More Democracy Instituten - Transparency and citzen control over government and corporations

Congratulations on 40 years of providing the infrastructure of resistance to groups and campaigns across the world – not least for Race & Class which was revived by Eqbal Ahmad and Basker Vashee in a time of travail.

A Sivanandan
Institute of Race Relations

Congratulations to TNI on its 40th birthday. I am lucky to have been in touch with TNI for at least 15 of its 40 years. It has done invaluable work making the connections between the struggles of migrants across the globe with neoliberal restructuring, and continuing processes of enclosure. Its political commitment to a just world and its combination of high quality analysis with grassroots organising means it makes a unique contribution to change. I look forward to the next 40 years!

Bridget Anderson
Professor of Migration and Citizenship and Deputy Director of COMPAS

Congratulations on turning 40! We're nearly the same age, and while the world has changed in manifold ways since we were founded, injustice continues to run through our society in the forms of poverty, inequality, racism, among others. Our economic system, this aggressive form of capitalism, has seriously exacerbated these injustices over the period of our existence.
TNI has been lighting the dark during this past 40 years, providing a megaphone for the powerless, challenging the deeply engrained stories that make soaring inequality appear quite normal to people. Some of our greatest achievements - reversing the trade and privatisation offensives for instance - have been won with, and because of, your important work and the partnerships you have helped us form.
In particular, your work on defining alternatives is vital. We have spent too long simply defending our society against rapacious greed, too little on defining alternative way of living and working which can create a vision capable of mobilising for real change.
We fight on - now more than ever.

Nick Dearden,
Director, World Development Movement

Forty years up and running – congratulations! Following TNI from the beginning, I am deeply impressed by the progressions made. Over the years both program and network have continuously expanded and deepened. Today TNI is truly global in outlook and reach. It is also unique in the way the major issues of our time are addressed and the best thinkers and activists are brought together. All of you can be proud of what has been accomplished – and so am I!

Hermann Hatzfeldt

Happy 40th birthday TNI as we look forward to more years of progressive ideas and transnational solidarity!

Josua Mata

Dear friends,
I would like to congratulate all of you on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the TNI. I had unforgettable and wonderful experiences of working with the TNI while being in the Vietnam Peace and Development Foundation. For me, the TNI is unique platform for exchange among progressive intellectuals of the world, a bridge connecting progressive organisations and individuals from North to South, a facilitator of progressive ideas and projects to address the challenges and contradictions faced by humankind today.
I am joining many others in thanking you for your valuable contribution and wishing you new successes in your noble work.
In solidarity,

Tran Dac Loi
Vice Chairman, Commission for External Relation, Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam

On behalf of peasants and small farmers in Indonesia and Asia, we send our warm congratulations to all our friends at Transnational Institute (TNI) on the occasion of their 40th birthday. TNI has been a vital part to the global social movements in our struggles for social, climate, and economic justice, food sovereignty and an alternative world that has at its heart the interests of the people. From the insightful analysis and publications to the collaborative campaigns, TNI's critical contributions to the development of both critiques and proposals have been of great value to peasants, small farmers and social movements. We look forward to continuing our close collaboration with TNI, especially in the dismantling of corporate power and the ending of the WTO. Again, our greetings of solidarity to all at TNI. More power to our joint struggles!

Henry Saragih
Chairperson, Serikat Petani Indonesia (SPI) - Indonesian Peasants Union
International Coordinating Committee, La Via Campesina

Dear TNI,
Congratulations on your 40th birthday.
It has been a pleasure for Burma Centrum Nederland to work with you on Myanmar.
We have been sharing the same office building with TNI for many years, and we are inspired by the hustle and bustle of TNI’s constructive activism.
Hope this birthday will see many happy returns.

Saskia Kunst
program coordinator, Burma Centrum Nederland

The British Region of the Columban Society would like to extend warm wishes to the long years of service to our wounded world by TNI. Our missionaries from Ireland first went to China in 1920. From the early days they discovered that the Gospel story was not only about preaching the word but it was also about floods, hunger, shelter education and medicine. Later our missions extended to Philippines, Korea, Japan and Fiji. We learned from the people the true nature of injustice and oppression and how best to respond.

Action for justice and peace and the integrity of creation became a central part of our mission. All these have been central also to the work and programs of TNI for the last 40 years along with many other initiatives that rescued people from persecution, danger, hardship and hopeless situations.

Here in London Sr Margaret Healy and myself have been involved in the campaigns for the rights of overseas domestic workers for the past 30 yrs. In 1998, 4000 workers were able to emerge from the shadows and register and get legal status. This campaign was won with the help of Kalayaan, Unite the Union and others. As of now we still support a new campaign. The UK government withdrew all these workers rights in 2012. I pray that your resolve will always remain strong, your convictions deep, your vision fixed on the mountains beyond the near one, your funding a few kilometers beyond insecure and your coffee as good as it was in 1984 when Brid Brennan and Nonoi Hackbang brought me to the TNI offices in 1983 All the best for the next 40 years and Warmest Congratulations.

Aodh O'Halpin

As long as I can remember, the Transnational Institute has been the 'go-to' source for trenchant analysis of the depredations of transnational capital, and for understanding the underlying causes of the ills of our modern capitalist society.

Peter Rosset
El Colegio de la Frontera Sur (ECOSUR), Chiapas, Mexico

Dear Colleagues at the TNI, Some says being 40th is the beginning: it is the beginning of someone's mature life and being more wise. But for TNI, 40 years of existence and its experiences and involvement on the struggle for sovereignty of the people, freedom and liberation, democratisation and especially being involved in the human rights movement is a great achievement ! TNI contribution for a just and better world is significant since its formation ! Thank you to people who have dedicated their time and energy through the TNI for this great effort ... Wish the TNI shall continue its contribution more for our better world and justice globally in the next 40 years and further.


Dianto Bachriadi, Ph.D
Vice Chairperson of the National Commission on Human Rights of Indonesia

For four decades, TNI has distinguished itself as a think tank that goes to the root of the issues and builds solid partnerships for transformational research and action. We are proud to say that our alliance with this network of scholar-activists runs long and deep. Congratulations to all of our comrades at TNI, you are indispensable!

Eric Holt-Giménez, PhD.
Executive Director Food First/Institute for Food and Development Policy

I join the global progressive community in celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Transnational Institute (TNI). Through the years TNI has been an excellent and valuable resource for critical and well-researched analysis of issues and concerns that matter most to the world's marginalized communities. It has been an inspiring beacon that guides activists and radical scholars in the search for a better, more humane, and socially just world order.

Eduardo Climaco Tadem, Ph.D.
Professor of Asian Studies, Editor-in-chief, Asian Studies, University of the Philippines Diliman

There is simply nothing like the TNI anywhere and it has been my privilege to have been a small part of it for so long. Has there been any issue from national liberation to nuclear disarmament to democratic and human rights to the geoeconomic iniquities of global capitalism to the despoilation of the environment that has not been taken up by TNI so as to inform and arm movements and struggles to which TNI has aligned itself to? Here in India there are any number of progressive groups who know about TNI and regularly refer to its website and earlier in the days when only printed material could be circulated would look forward avidly to such material. There are not that many institutions or journals of the left that have lasted for 40 years and that in itself is something remarkable and to be celebrated. Here is wishing that TNI is around for at least another 40 years unless of course the world has changed so much for the better that the values and hopes that TNI have been very substantially realized. Happy Birthday and Long Live TNI!

Achin Vanaik

TNI is already so deeply embedded in my personal identity that it is hard for me to imagine ever being apart from the Institute any time in the future. This is the space where I grew up as both a committed researcher and a political activist. TNI gave me the opportunity to engage in joint work and deep discussions with brilliant thinkers and passionate militants from all regions of the world and all branches of the Left. There is no other organisation in the world with a similar level of ideological plurality and global outreach. I am sorry to miss this Friday’s celebration (I will be attending a conference of the European Left) but I will raise my glass in Athens to join my fellow comrades in a toast to TNI and the coming four decades, always producing relevant, original and rigorous knowledge and generating viable alternatives to change the world in a truly democratic and equitable direction. ¡Feliz cumpleaños TNI!

Daniel Chavez

Happy birthday TNI! TNI is the place to go for informed radicalism. May the next 40 years be as productive, stimulating and bring yet more important change.

Ian Scoones
Professorial Fellow, Institute of Development of Development Studies, University of Sussex, UK

Dear colleagues of TNI,

Your critical and independent voice over the last 40 years has been an inspiration to my work. Your critical voice is needed even more today so as to support us in facing the future challenges for a just and equitable world.

Cristóbal Kay
Emeritus Professor International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) , Professorial Research Associate Department of Development Studies SOAS, University of London, U.K.

Desde Intercambios Asociación Civil queremos hacer llegar a todos los colegas y amigos del TNI nuestro afectuoso saludo en su 40º aniversario. El Programa Drogas y Democracia del TNI es para nosotros un recurso invalorable de información y análisis que fortalece nuestro trabajo en Argentina y América Latina en búsqueda de transformaciones de las actuales políticas de drogas. Felicidades para el TNI!!!

Graciela Touzé
Intercambios Asociación Civil

Friends and comrades,

I pass to your door may be 3 decades ago. I discovered a place where to learn without no one giving you lessons. Where listen and support international and very local movements. An institution of people who do not give up. I'm proud that from this old time my organisation, Crocevia, is still a partner of TNI. Social changes need another 40 years of TNI activities and support. Thanks.

Antonio Onorati

Dear Ms. Fiona Dove,

Happy Birthday to the Institution you head. With age TNI has become immensely prolific and importantly useful. Your popularity and world wide acceptability has not made you complacent. Instead you have increased the infinite variety of subjects manifold. Oil, politics, environment, human rights, fairer distribution of resources, many more and drugs. Narcotics is what had led me to TNI. There is much more to TNI than just reviling drug establishments.

I didn't need to physically pass through its learned corridors to appreciate what it is doing for a just world order. Its not fair to pick one person out of many eminences, but I am going to do so as this person is very much representative of TNI's integrity and insight. That person is Susan George. I had read her first book - How the other half dies- when I was a young man working with the Government of India. That book opened my eyes to a brutal reality, and changed me for ever, including my preferences for books.

familiar with the tradition that has been set by the TNI, I am confident that age will not wither this remarkable Institution. It will be ever more useful and recognised as the years roll on, because it has such a fine team.

Thank you. best wishes,

Romesh Bhattacharji

Where research of universities is increasingly aligned to dominant interests, the need for and relevance of autonomous, creative and path breaking research institutions is growing. TNI is a great example of the latter and it shows a remarkable continuity – which is yet another value in our capricious time. I wish TNI at least another 40 years

Jan Douwe van der Ploeg
Professor of transition studies at Wageningen University
Adjunct professor in rural sociology at China Agricultural University in Beijing

Oidhaco (Organización International de Derechos Humanos acción Colombia), red europea de 35 organizaciones que se dedica a la promoción de los Derechos Humanos en Colombia, saluda a TNI en sus 40 años.

Para Oidhaco, el trabajo de TNI ha sido de vital importancia, tanto en las investigaciones de excelente calidad como su trabajo de lobby e incidencia. También, valoramos todo el trabajo de movilización, tanto en los países del sur como en Europa. Los temas que compartimos y que han enriquecido el trabajo de nuestra organización así como el trabajo de incidencia están relacionadas al tema de las políticas anti drogas, de tierras, las consecuencias para las comunidades de la implementación de monocultivos como la palma africana, la minería, el tema ambiental (en especial el agua) y finalmente el trabajo conjunto sobre el Tratado de Libre Comercio durante los últimos años.

TNI ha apoyado con grandes contribuciones para presionar a la Unión Europea, sus Estados miembros, Suiza y Noruega con el objetivo de crear normas vinculantes para que sus empresas no contribuyan a la violación de derechos humanos en Colombia, y que el comercio que se establezca con el país ayude al desarrollo sostenible del mismo.

Agradecemos a TNI todo su compromiso y trabajo que han ayudado a promover el respeto integral de los Derechos Humanos, la Justicia Social y el desarrollo sostenible en Colombia.

TNI for me signifies a rare and masterful blend of relentlessly serious scholarship and unfailingly strategic support to social movement causes. There's a good deal of talk about activist scholars, but TNI makes it happen. Over just the past two years I have witnessed it directly in the input TNI has made to the negotiation in the Committee on World Food Security first of the Tenure Guidelines and now of the responsible agriculture principles. Not to mention TNI's participation in organizing an amazing dialogue on food sovereignty last January. Keep up the good work for another 40 years and beyond! Best,

Nora McKeon
Terra Nouva, Rome

Happy 40th Birthday TNI!! Aging is one thing, but you were always wise - I depend on your regular dissemination of topical essays on political and social issues from a range of progressive perspectives. And I have also enjoyed your hospitality at HQ in Amsterdam, for a colloquium on the 'land grab.'
Keep up the wonderful work!

Philip McMichael
Professor and Chair, Dept of Development Sociology, Cornell University

TNI has provided invaluable policy and academic analysis throughout the years, being a key institution offering critical viewpoints to balance the road towards a sounder and more sustainable global society. There are very few global institutions such as TNI that direct our focus on how to best resolve the key issues that the world faces.

Markus Kröger
University of Helsinki, Department of Political and Economic Studies, Academy of Finland Postdoctoral Researcher

Statewatch’s relationship with the Transnational Institute dates back more than 20 years. The space that TNI provides to link activists with radical academics and other campaigns is absolutely unique and something to be cherished. Happy birthday TNI: here’s to decades more to come!


Dear all at TNI

A very happy birthday. 40th is a milestone. Indeed it was on my 40th birthday that I have decided to give my all for this country - as the saying goes: life begins at 40, I turned a new leaf then! Having said that I do not want to change course in TNI but just to strengthening it more. Your culture of working with the Myanmar people and complementing their initiatives as well as putting on records of issues and bringing them to international attention is invaluable.

At this wonderful occasion, let me express my sincere appreciation and wish you all at TNI to enjoy the fruit of your labour and continue to further height! Yours sincerely

Seng Raw
Winner Ramon Magsaysay Awards

The global circulation of local and regional research and the support to achieve a political and advocacy perspective from the social sectors that suffer the implementation of the current anti-drug strategy, have been made possible by the profile that characterizes the TNI. Congratulations in its first 40 years!

Ricardo Vargas

Happy 40 year Anniversary TNI

Thank you for the seminars, discussions, books and analysis that you have organized and carried out about the today's progressive rural movements, the opportunities and challenges to create a new agriculture: more just, biodiverse, resilient and agroecologically based. You contributions to the struggles for land, food justice, equity and sustainability are recognized world wide.

Miguel A Altieri
Professor of Agroecology, University of California, Berkeley

Congratulations to TNI and team on their anniversary! The capacity of alliance building and supporting the alliances by TNI has been crucial in maintaining a clear and radical message in the social movements. The TNI's role of being a “bridge“ between different movements with the same direction is has been constant and often indispensable.
Congratulations and thank you for the TNI way of doing things.

Paul Nicholson
La Via Campesina

Your work has been inspirational and with great foresights

Peter Kuria

TNI is one of our closest and most knowledgable international partners. Our organization is from Myanmar, and the context here is changing fast. The issues are difficult - from new land grabbing and consequences of irresponsible investment to old conflicts in ethnic areas that persist without true peace. Our struggle will be long term - and as much as anything, we need to learn from others' experiences and build on similar struggles in other places. TNI is the place we often turn to for this. It has been only a few years of changing times in Myanmar - we are lucky to be able to draw upon TNI's 40 years of considered thought and unflagging commitment.

Paung Ku

In 1995, I attended a TNI sponsored conference where I presented the framework and status agrarian reform of the President Ramos (1992-1998). It was my first presentation before a progressive gathering and was pleasingly surprised at its reception, considering the past contentious history and record of state sponsored agrarian reform. As a result, it facilitated the productive interaction between the state agrarian reform and the Philippine progressive farmers organizations and support groups; the latter in us addressing their agenda priorities, and us, in getting their support to overcome conservative opposition to the reform program.

The result showed that reform programs which have state and society support have greater chances of moving forward. The TNI conference and interaction was a milestone. Thank you and congratulations to TNI on its 40th anniversary.

Ernesto Garilao
President, Zuellig Family Foundation, Former Philippine Secretary of Agrarian Reform (1992-1998)

Happy birthday TNI, and congratulations to all staff and supporters for the committed and ground-breaking work you do. Few organisations manage to straddle as effectively the diverse worlds of social movements, academia and policy domains. TNI's efficacy is partly because it always works in partnerships, and seems adept at forging the right ones, magnifying and globalising its impact. We consider ourselves your allies, as researchers committed to social and political change, and hope to collaborate with you even more in the future, through organising dialogues, and publishing together, because by working with you, we can engage with social movements that can shape our research agendas, and in turn, our research can reach audiences around the world, and so can be put to use. As we say in South Africa... Viva, TNI, viva! Long live, TNI, long live!

Ruth Hall
Institute for Poverty, Land & Agrarian Studies / Future Agricultures Consortium, South Africa

Feliz cumpleanhos 40 para todo el TNI, y muy especialmente para el equipo de drogas y democracia!!!!

Desde CuPIHD, en Mexico, queremos desearles al menos otros 40 anhos tan productivos como estos, y al mismo tiempo agradecerles toda la amistad, solidaridad y acompanhamiento en todo el tiempo que tenemos trabajando con ustedes. Les dejamos un abrazo con gran admiracion y carinho, que esperamos mantener para siempre!!!

Jorge Hernández Tinajero

To my colleagues and dear friends at TNI:

Happy Birthday! You should be very proud of what you've built over the past 40 years. TNI is the premier international civil society organization bringing progressive voices and policy proposals to cutting edge issues ranging from the environment to trade to international drug policy, and does so with a combination of expert analysis and compassion. While WOLA's history with TNI goes back farther in time, I have had the honor and privilege to work with TNI's drug policy team since the 1990s. Together, we helped lay the foundations for the drug policy debate taking place in Latin America today and are nurturing that debate while, at the same time, supporting concrete reforms, such as the unprecedented action taken by the government of Uruguay to create legal, regulated cannabis markets. TNI brings an impressive amount of information and analysis to that debate, as well as an intimate understanding of the international drug control regime. And of particular significance, TNI always seeks to have the voices of those impacted by punitive drug control policies - such as coca growers and drug users -- heard at the national, regional and international level.

My hat goes off to you for your 40 years of dedication to progressive politics. The world is a better place thanks to your tireless work to promote peace, justice and human rights. Sincerely,

Coletta Youngers
Senior Fellow, the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA)

Congratulations TNI and all colleges, for 40 years of outstanding and unique commitment for economic and social justice worldwide .

FDCL Berlin and TNI have the same anniversary year and we consider ourselves proud and lucky having worked with you over more than 10 years now. Here's to another 40 years of jointly work, making the world a better place.
Happy Anniversary!

Jan Dunkhorst
Thorsten Schulz
Christian Russau
Thomas Fritz
Forschungs- und Dokumentationszentrum Chile-Lateinamerika e.V. - FDCL

Queridos/as compañeros/as de TNI,
Van nuestras más sinceras felicitaciones por estos 40 años de coherencia, lucha y compromiso. Nos enorgullecemos de haber impulsado junto a ustedes procesos de debate, movilización y búsqueda de Alternativas.

Nuestros mejores deseos, con la convicción de que seguiremos transitando juntos/as ese camino hacia Otro Mundo Posible, Necesario y Urgente.

María Elena Saludas
Coordinadora Nacional, ATTAC – Argentina y CADTM - AYNA

When you were born, our great dream-experiment for the re-definition of the rules of international law starting from its true protagonists – the peoples – was taking place with the Russell Tribunal II on the dictatorship of Latin America (Rome 1974). Our roads started crossing very soon and have become over the years a permanent and increasingly intensive interaction to transform dreams into cultural, conceptual, political projects in the many areas of peoples’ rights.

The reason for thanking you for what we have received-learnt are so many. One however, above all, which is also a profound wish: for your ever renewed capacity of interpreting creatively a name – TNI – which would be so tempting to decline in strictly economic and political terms dictated from above and outside the real life of peoples.

Gianni Tognoni
Secretary General Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal

It gives me great pleasure in extending my solidarity and warm friendship to TNI as it commemorates its 40th anniversary. A key element that differentiates TNI and other organizations is its distinguished staff members whose unwavering commitment and enthusiasm in promoting new ideas in realizing the notion of 'another world is possible'.

TNIs campaign on ISDS and alternative trade campaign suggests its continued relevance and leadership on global issues. I have no doubts in my mind that TNI will reach greater heights in the next years and will serve as an alternative voice of the marginalized and powerless. I wish you the very best and look forward to working with you.

Charles Santiago
Monitoring Sustainability of Globalization (MSN, ) Member of Parliament, Malaysia.

Si el TNI cumple 40 años, el Observatorio de la Deuda en la Globalización (ODG) tiene el privilegio de compartir espacios de lucha con éste desde hace 10 años. De la Cumbre de Guadalajara en 2004 hasta el día de hoy, pasando por las diferentes audiencias del Tribunal Permanente de los Pueblos y la actual Campaña Global para Desmantelar el Poder Corporativo, hemos ido estrechando lazos y aprendiendo mucho a partir de la terca rebeldía y asiduo trabajo de las compañeras del TNI, siempre desde la humildad. En estos tiempos en los cuales el Capital despliega sus más agresivas y nefastas facetas, el trabajo de esta organización que consideramos como hermana nuestra, es más imprescindible que nunca.

Una cálida abraçada desde Cataluña y nuestros mejores deseos en este aniversario. El equipo del ODG

David Llistar, Monica Vargas

Congratulations to TNI on its 40th Birthday! Since its formation in 1974 TNI has consistently provided groundbreaking analysis on Major global issues through its eminent fellows like Susan George

It has put forward, under this severe multi-faceted crisis bold and transformative Alternatives to the crisis.

And over the years,TNI has worked together with key social movements in forging these alternatives into unifying global networks that converge the struggles of peoples of the South with the struggles of peoples of the North. Among others, the Coalition on Just Trade and Campaign against the FTAs, Alternative Regionalism and the Asia Europe Peoples Forum that fosters the people's agenda in Asia-Europe relations, the Water Justice Project and Alliance that provides support for the practical work of public water services and the Global Campaign toDismantle Corporate Power which has more than 150 movements working towards a People’s Treaty for Binding Obligations on TNCs.

Tina Ebro
Coordinator for Asia, Asia Europe People's Forum (AEPF)

Happy Birthday!

In a world where inter-governmental bodies like the UN and EC too often set the main narrative, TNI has always networked among the people and communicated an informed and independent view in the international community that is very needed. For the past twenty years, TNI has been sympathetically engaged at both the grass-roots and international levels in innovate projects, research and analyses on the difficult challenges of Burma/Myanmar, and it has always been a pleasure to meet at TNI meetings and be involved. All best wishes for the next 40 years.

Martin Smith

Best wishes to TNI for 40 years of great work and still going strong. Indian Social Action Forum (INSAF), a forum of over 700 member organisations in India, has actively benefited by publishing 'reclaiming public water' in Hindi and the anti water privatisation campaign in India; the important researches and studies exposing dirty corporate plunder; the collaboration in Asia Europe Peoples Forum (AEPF) and regular active work with TNI fellows in India.

INSAF hopes that TNI will play a more active role in the trying times ahead where states and corporations are vying and spying to plunder resources and demolish democracy.

Wilfred Dcosta,
Alliances & Linkages Convenor, INSAF, New Delhi.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Enjoy working with you, your excellent advisors and all the network.

Danielle Hirsch
Director Both Ends

Dear TNI, happy anniversary from Bulgaria! Честит рожден ден! Thank you all for the amazing and tireless work! It has been of an immeasurable importance for us and without it many achievements would simply not have been possible.

Ivaylo Popov and Georgi Medarov
Za Zemiata, Bulgaria

Attac Austria wishes Happy Birthday to TNI! We are happy and grateful to know TNI and to cooperate now for almost ten years on various issues. Our collaboration started with the organising of the Enlanzando Alternativas Summit in Vienna in 2006 and since than has developed into working together on different issues in different networks - from trade over public services, TNCs to the Eurocrisis.

To us TNI is 40 years of ... analysis and campaign materials produced by TNI that would be badly missed if they would not exist

  • ... supporting social movements in their struggles
  • ... engaging in the building of global and regional networks and campaigns
  • ... developing and promoting radical alternatives and
  • ... creating spaces of dialogue. To us TNI is a big group of wonderful, knowledgeable and committed persons that we would not want to miss in our common struggle for another world.

Thanks to all the people in TNI that make TNI what it is and for the important work you all do. Thank you for the good cooperation, for the friendships and for the solidarity. We look forward to many more years of working together and making another world happening.

Alexandra Stricker
ATTAC Austria

Engaged analysis and compelling proposals for the global challenges we face has maintained TNI on the cutting edge of political actions and deliberation around the world for 40 years. May it grow even stronger in the next 40 years as we realize our visions of a more sustainable, just, and democratic world!

Gustavo de L. T. Oliveira
Department of Geography, University of California at Berkeley

Dear Friends at TNI,

On behalf of 11.11.11, the Asia Team wishes you a happy 40th anniversary.

11.11.11 partners all over the global South have benefited greatly from Transnational Institute’s scholarship, making use of its timely researches and publications in their campaigns and actions. More than the scholarship and the publications, our partners have also been given a bigger voice through the different campaign platforms and networks that TNI helped build in partnership with South activists on issues that strike at the heart of injustice and inequity in the developing world such as imbalanced free trade agreements and investments, human rights violations, unfettered powers of transnational corporations, democratic deficit, and the like. The lobby and campaign tours and debates that TNI and these platforms organize have proven to be important venues for our partners as they are able to amplify the voices from affected communities and sectors to the corridors of power and decision-making, enabling them to become even stronger actors in the process.

It is but fitting, then, from all of us at 11.11.11 to take this opportunity to thank and pay tribute to TNI for its unwavering commitment to the peoples of the South. 11.11.11 wishes TNI a happy 40th anniversary! As they say, ‘Life begins at 40’ and so, we look forward to the next 40, and many more years of fruitful collaboration with TNI as we continue to fight injustice and work for a fairer and equitable world.

thanks and regards,

Frances Lo
11.11.11 Asia

Congratulations, TNI! You have been a committed and generous partner for us at FIAN International in the human rights work we are involved in. We are grateful for the fruitful space for critical thinking that you have provided all along.

Sofia Monsalve

The Transnational Institute remains as vibrant and relevant today as it did 40 years ago. This is a feat not easily accomplished even though many have tried. The 40 years of TNI stand as testament to the invaluable work and tireless commitment of all the dedicated activists in the organization. TNI has continuously and consistently produced timely analysis, groundbreaking research and insightful contributions to the global discourse around social justice. Here’s to another 40 years of TNI helping build another world.

Pablo Solon
Executive Director, Focus on the Global South

Publishing a piece on Ukraine as part of TNI's study on land grabbing in Europe made it possible to make the topic accessible to the general public. The impact the study made so far is fascinating for me.
Liebes TNI, alles Gute!

Christina Plank

Congratulations from TMP on your 40th Anniversary The Transnational Migrant Platform (TMP) sends warmest wishes to TNI on her 40th birthday! Although we are a young network (not yet reached our first decade!) we have taken much inspiration from TNI´s work combining analysis and activism. We are committed to building the migrant movement as part of the global social movements and highly appreciate that TNI´s analysis of the current corporate paradigm of trade and investment provides us with a framework where the global restructuring of labour and migrant labour can find its home. Based as we are in Europe, though coming from all global regions, TNI´s work on the crisis in Europe and alternatives such as the Alternative Trade Mandate has been particularly important. Here´s to celebrating many more decades!

Jille Belisario
Transnational Migrant Platform (TMP)

A very happy birthday to TNI! It¹s an incredible achievement to reach your 40 year anniversary and to remain front and centre of so many fundamental issues of international social justice and human rights. The Drugs and Democracy programme leads the global debate on drug policy reform and it is an honour and a privilege to work alongside such committed and talented people. Thank you for being part of the International Drug Policy Consortium - in fact for being key to setting up the network! Long may TNI¹s great work continue. A very happy 40th birthday from IDPC!!!

Ann Fordham

Dear celebrating friends from Transnational Institute,

Thank you for being the voice of a critical, fair and objective dialog on the issue of large scale land acquisitions in Europe. Together with the grabbed land the very existence and continuity of sustainable local communities is at stake. The peasants, organic farmers, agricultural activists, academics and concerned consumers united under Eco Ruralis are honored to consider you our friends, allies and partners in our fight for achieving food and land sovereignty in Romania and Europe.

Greetings full with friendship and solidarity!

Attila Szocs,
Eco Ruralis, Romania

When it comes to celebrating with TNI on it´s 40th Birthday, we like to recall other moments of shared political and personal celebration. One such occasion was the Summer of 2003, when after a symposium with Basker Vashee on the UN Migrant Convention for the Protection of all Migrants and members of their Families, we held a colourful launch of baloons in the Museumplein in Amsterdam to symbolise the 20 countries that had ratified the Convention enabling it to enter into force. CFMW´s international office was based in Amsterdam, and for quite a long period in the TNI building. From the the beginning, TNI has been for us a real crossroads to meet and share with others from Africa or Latin America our similar struggles against dictatorship, against debt and neoliberal globalisation. But it has also been a space to engage with people from the South and North in the big challenge of constructing another possible world...and to inspire our migrant movement with the politics of buen vivir. TNI´s take on the world has deeply inspired us and we know it will continue to do so! Long life to TNI! its Fellows and staff!

Nonoi Hacbang
Commission for Filipino Migrant Workers (CFMW)
Platform of Filipino Migrant Organisations in Europe

Dear Colleagues and friends, Happy birthday for the 40 years anniversary of TNI. All who work at TNI and those who are associated with it have good reasons to be proud of the work that has been done all these years. I had and still have the privilege to cooperate with TNI for the Drugs and democracy program. It is not an exaggeration to state that the drug reform movement which is growing at the moment relies -to a large extent- on the excellent publications, the field work and the expertise of TNI.
Congratulations !!

Thanasis Apostolou
Diogenis Association

Warm birthday greetings to the Transnational Institute (TNI) on behalf of the EU-ASEAN Network. TNI was one of the organisations that made possible a meeting of trade activists from both Europe and Asia sometime in February 2007 in Bangkok Thailand that became instrumental in the formation of our campaign network. Since then, the network with the support of TNI and other allies in Europe have been spearheading the resistance to EU FTAs in Southeast Asia. TNI has been a constant partner and pillar of trade and investment campaigns across the region. A partner in the truest sense of the word-- generous in sharing critical information and on the spot analysis, providing guidance and leadership in paving unchartered terrain, and most importantly helping create and broaden spaces for creative thinking and progressive action. Cheers to the activists-intellectuals behind TNI! Looking forward to 40 more years of productive partnership!

Joseph Purugganan
on behalf of the EU-ASEAN Network

Dear friends and colleagues at the Transnational Institute,

Ever since Corporate Europe Observatory was set up 17 years ago, we have been working closely with TNI to fight corporate power and corporate-driven globalisation. TNI has always been a unique source of inspiration and critical analysis for us - and a supporting and heartening ally in all of our struggles.

We believe we are not alone in appreciating TNI's role. The global movement for social and ecological justice would not be the same without you. We look forward to you continuing to enrich the movement for the next 40 years and beyond. And we hope the close partnership we at CEO enjoy with you will continue unabated.

Happy Birthday!

The CEO team

I send my sincerest felicitations to TNI on her 40th birthday anniversary today. TNI is a real friend of the Filipino people. It had, since the dark days of the county’s history during the time of martial law, worked to support the Filipino people’s struggle for freedom and democracy. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with some of the most committed people in this organization in my various capacities in Philippine civil society. Mabuhay ang TNI!

Billy de la Rosa
Former Executive Director, AFRIM

Dear Fiona, today TNI celebrates its 40th anniversary! Happy birthday to you and all your colleagues. This is reallly a major achievement, and although becoming 40 means normally becoming "middle-aged" it looks to me that TNI has rejuvenated during the past years, and shows the energy of a "youngster". We at ISS, and particilarly in the PER/AFES research programme, are always finding it a pleasure to work with you, and to be involved in action-oriented research. Hopefully you will continue your exellent work for many years to come, and we will continue to have a longstanding and fruitful cooperation.

Best regards,

Max Spoor
Professor of Development Studies
International Institute of Social Studies
of Erasmus University Rotterdam

Dear Fiona Dove,

As you celebrate 2 decades while working for Transnational Institute, May you Dreams for Transnational Institute Grow to the Skies. Am delighted Transnational Institute is celebrating 4 Decades of Work. May you Prosper in all your Dreams. Happy Birthday.

We are very glad you are sending us Susan George, She is a great Woman to recognize in the modern world of today. She is a Great Role model in the world.

Am Very Happy that you too Fiona Dove you know that and you are following her foot steps. We need women of her stature to take up leadership in the world.

Please extend our sincere thanks to your team for picking interests in our initiative, we will always cherish you as not only Friends but as true partners in development. Thank you Fiona Dove.

We are very Glad once a gain that Susan George will officially Launch our project in June,we understand without you and your teams support it would not have been possible, Please thank you again.

Thank you very much Fiona Dove, All the Best as Transnational Institute Celebrates 40Years.

Coordinator Susan George Resource Center and University.

The fact that an organization with so many powerful enemies can survive for forty years is a tribute to its people and the kind of work (I guess we) have done. My four years with TNI were an important source of ideas for my transition from being a "party" man to just plain old progressive. I even managed to find a partner for life. Awesome!"

Joel Rocamora
Secretary/Lead Convenor of the National Anti-Poverty Commission in the Philippenes

AIDC wishes you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Turning 40 is a huge achievement for TNI. We continued to be inspired by the immense contribution and the work of TNI. AIDC draws lots of knowledge from the research and analysis the TNI has produced over the years.

We deeply appreciate the knowledge and information you bring, not only exposing the wroth of the capitalist system but also the ideas you share on alternatives for a more just and humane world.
May TNI continue to prosper, we wish lots of strength within.

Much love

Alternative Development and Information Centre (AIDC), Cape Town, South Africa

RESPECT, the Europewide network campaigning for the rights of Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs) sends warm greetings to TNI on her 40th Birthday! We have experienced for many years the space that TNI provided both politically and physically for MDWs - many of whom are undocumented. We are happy to recall that several milestones of RESPECT were celebrated in the TNI building: Forum Theatre - adapted from Augusto Boal - which became our medium of campaigning in the public area; the official recognition of the Trade Union (FNV) of MDWs and a multi-sectoral consultation with the UN Special Rapporteur on CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women). Our warm congratulations to TNI on its many achievements and we look forward to many more years of collaboration in the struggle for human rights and migrant rights.

Fe Jusay
Coordinator, RESPECT Network Europe

Dear friends of TNI,

I learned to appreciate your work in advancing good thought and politics in Amsterdam. What made it more personal, more warm and eventually more terrible was the friendship with Orlando Letelier. I wish you all the best on your farther way.

Teodor Shanin
President of the Moscow School of the Social and Economic Sciences

Happy birthday TNI !

To a great organization, which has provided activists and scholars around the world with great inspiration, profound insights and most importantly with the ways to CONNECT across fields of expertise, across places, across languages and across time. Always with a lot of patience and kindness.

Priscilla Claeys
Senior Adviser to the U.N. Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food
Social Sciences Researcher, University of Louvain (UCL, Belgium)

Happy 40th TNI!

Thank you for supporting Masifundise and other social movements in the North and South in our fight against neo-liberal fisheries policy and the resulting subversion of livelihoods and cultures. We are looking forward to continuing the collaboration and building new strong alliances all over world.

Special thanks to Jenny Franco, Pietje Vervest and Timothé Feodoroff for their dedicated contributions to the forthcoming joint report on Fish Grabbing!

In solidarity,
Masifundise, South Africa

Dear friends at TNI,

During the late nineties and early years of this century I worked closely together with TNI's Europe Asia Meeting (ASEM) programme. Visiting colleaque activists in Asia was not only inspiring, but also made it easier to understand developments closer at home. It helped me a lot. Thanks for that.

Martin Broek

Felicitaciones desde el ODG

Si el TNI cumple 40 años, el Observatorio de la Deuda en la Globalización (ODG) tiene el privilegio de compartir espacios de lucha con éste desde hace 10 años. De la Cumbre de Guadalajara en 2004 hasta el día de hoy, pasando por las diferentes audiencias del Tribunal Permanente de los Pueblos y la actual Campaña Global para Desmantelar el Poder Corporativo, hemos ido estrechando lazos y aprendiendo mucho a partir de la terca rebeldía y asiduo trabajo de las compañeras del TNI, siempre desde la humildad. En estos tiempos en los cuales el Capital despliega sus más agresivas y nefastas facetas, el trabajo de esta organización que consideramos como hermana nuestra, es más imprescindible que nunca.

Una cálida abraçada desde Cataluña y nuestros mejores deseos en este aniversario.

El equipo del ODG

When forty winters shall besiege thy brow,
And dig deep trenches in thy beauty's field,
Thy youth's proud livery so gaz'd on now,
Will be a tatter'd weed of small worth held:

Then being ask'd, where all thy beauty lies,
Where all the treasure of thy lusty days;
To say within thine own deep sunken eyes,
Were an all-eating shame, and thriftless praise.

How much more praise deserv'd thy beauty's use,
If thou could'st answer “This fair child of mine
Shall sum my count, and make my old excuse”
Proving his beauty by succession thine!

This were to be new made when thou art old,
And see thy blood warm when thou feel'st it cold.

William Shakespeare

This fair child, extraordinary, is your rigorous, compromise and exemplary work: follow always the same way (thy blood warm). When eighty winters...

Thank's by all. Best regards,

Aurelio Díaz
Departamento de Antropología Social y Cultural Facultad de Filosofía y Letras. Edificio B Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona

The work of TNI is cutting-edge, spot-on and truly emancipatory! Over the past 40 years, TNI has provided progressive social movements and activists from various corners of the world with upfront and timely analyses on social inequality and injustice. Also now that we find ourselves in the midst of a major global economic crisis, TNI continues to be an important hub for creating alliances among activists, academics and various organizations across borders, connecting seemingly isolated and local struggles into a broader transnational force. I would like to commend TNI for its valuable achievements and wish it all the strength to continue its endeavours in the future! In the spirit of the appeal by Antonio Gramsci, who said in the first edition of the Turin Ordine Nuovo on 1 May 1919: ‘Educate yourself, because we need all your wisdom. Move it, because we need your entire enthusiasm. Organize yourselves, because we need all your strength.’

Angela Wigger,
Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Bravo TNI! And many thanks for all the great work, inspiration and leadership over the years.

Your comrades from Finland

In my work on solidarity and pro-people global politics TNI has been a key partner and an important source for political analysis and orientation for more than two decades.

Thomas Wallgren
Docent in philosophy, Helsinki University

Absolutely brilliant work, and very useful to my own research and activism, many thanks!

Heikki Patomäki
Professor of World Politics, Helsinki University

I often use and always love to share TNI's excellent work. I also hope to continue meeting wonderful people in the TNI seminars and parties during the next 40 years.

Teivo Teivainen
Professor of World Politics, Helsinki University

What a wonderful collection of critical scholar-activists TNI is, congratulation to all of you! Besides always being welcoming collective for any transformative thinking and first source of radical analysis, TNI is, has been and certainly will be essential agent in building transnational alliances for social change.

Mika Rönkkö
Editor, Le Monde diplomatique Finland and Into publishing, Helsinki

For forty years TNI has transcended boundaries - of country, region, discipline, work and politics - to make research serve progressive social movements. All those who like me have engaged in some way in this process have learned so much from all of you. With gratitude and best wishes for the next forty years of energetic and informed struggle,

Bridget O'Laughlin

Dear Fiona and all TNI comrades,

How I wish I was there with you today to celebrate the 40 years of the Institute. TNI has been a home and a trench for all of us that believe another world is possible and that as the Zapatistas say "un Mundo en el que quepan muchos mundos ". TNis solidarity with social movements all over the world makes it unique, necessary and pivotal and I toast for at least 40 more years of TNI.

All the way from Washington, my warmest wishes, and we shall celebrate soon.

Manuel Pérez Rocha
Associate-Fellow IPS

40 years spent thinking sharp. The TNI is a reference point for us in the academia, and for our students: from you we always learn about the nexus research/activism/policy. You help us keep our feet down, and lift our gaze up. Happy birthday!

Francesco Strazzari
Senior research fellow, NUPI - norwegian institute of international affairs

Since I joined Focus on the Global South, I have always thought of TNI inas the older and wiser sibling of Focus. Many of those who have led TNI over the past two decades are indeed like family: people who we can depend on for support in challenging times, for politically astute advice and (importantly) for appreciating life. The knowledge that TNI has co-created with activists is testimony to the importance of relevant, grounded and responsible scholarship in building progressive movements for change. Happy birthday TNI! May you have many more birthdays and may the TNI family expand into many more parts of the world!

warm regards,

Shalmali Guttal
Focus on the Global South

Em 40 anos de vida mantener la coerência y seguir trabajando a servicio de lxs mas empobrecidos, no es cualquer cosa.

Muchas gracias por ustedes existiren!! Muchas gracias por tatos conocimientos compartidos. Muchas gracias por todo el compromiso con las luchas en el sur global.

Deseamos Vida Longa! Mas tantas otras décadas de vida!!

TNI continua mucho necesario en el mundo dominado por la corporacracia!

Parabens a toda a equipe. En particular a las mujeres que sabemos son el corazon de TNI!!!"

Sandra Quintela
Pacs/Jubileo Sur

Hope I could have done a piece of what you´ve done in your life as I have done in mine to change the world into a better and socialist one. Keep healthy, lively and clever as always TNI. You contribute to our generation´s struggles in late the 90´s and 2000 years, hope we can help in do so together for today young "revoltosos"

Long live!!


Gonzalo Berron

Feliz Cumpleaños TNI!

TNI is an extraordinary gift to the world of international activism for economic and social justice. With your mix of solid analysis and global organizing your work makes an enormous difference from one end of the world to the other. Don't worry about entering your 40s. We know it will be a wonderful decade for TNI!

Best wishes,

Jim Shultz
The Democracy Center, San Francisco/Cochabamba


Well, Dear Friends, I hate to start this by exposing my old-age, but I was -forcefully, in fact, recruited into the very earliest <1977> years of TNI, by my then 'sui generis'-mentor, Saul LANDAU.

Over the next few years, during my all-too-short IPS/TNI-stay, I made friendships -and learned much- from a select group of "Fellows" whom I, to this day, consider -for the most part- long-lost mentors.

At this juncture, however, given that I myself have long grown used to scarcely being active in progressive causes that I continue to personally support, I was overjoyed to read dozens of supportive 'social-media' comments by younger folk.

If genuinely representative of positive contemporary "feedback" vis-a-vis TNI's constant agenda of support for the less-fortunate & its struggle to ensure their just access within an objectively-$kewed system, I stand a little taller for however modest a contribution I might have provided.


John T. Alves

Hello TNI community

Just a short greeting, filled with collegiality and enthusiasm for your 40th birthday. Really, ever since being a student over 30 years ago, TNI analysis, advocacy and courageous and rigorous stand on complex and difficult issue have been a source of and a reference for providing original ideas, generating debates and mobilizing for social justice activism. Today still, young militants often come seeing me telling me that they have found a wonderful source of information and an organization that it is so inspiring and are asking when will there be a TNI branch in Quebec!!!! Happy birthday! Many more years to come and a sincere thanks for such incredible and important work!

Dominique Caouette
Professeur agrégé / Associate Professor, Département de science politique Directeur, Centre d’études de l’Asie de l’Est (CETASE) / Coordonnateur du REDTAC Université de Montréal

Happy birthday TNI!

Although I left my favorite institute four years ago, it feels like I never really left. That's because nine years of working with TNI for international civil society struggles has had a profound impact on my world view and continues to influence how I work and what I work on today. It is an honour to still feel part of TNI, if only from a distance. 40 years in... TNI has just started.

Wilbert van der Zeijden

Dear friends,

Congratulations TNI – and thank you for 40 years of energetic, progressive work, and for all your useful analyses and documents, many of which have been extremely useful in my own work. Your tireless struggle for justice, equality and solidarity has been and still is an important source for inspiration.

Asbjørn Wahl
Director, Campaign for the Welfare State

Dear TNI comrades, friends and colleagues!

It is a great experience to be part of this team and to share ideas, plans, activities. I think that we can credit ourselves with a few success stories including our role in the development of new global social movements. However the main job is yet to be done. Let's go forward!


Boris Kagarlitsky

Queridas/os Amigas/os del Transnational Institute,

desde CENSAT Agua Viva - Amigos de la Tierra Colombia, extendemos un saludo fraternal en sus 40 años de trabajo. El aporte del TNI ha sido muy importante para diversos procesos y, sin duda, ha logrado relacionar las dinámicas globales con los fenómenos nacionales que afectan a las regiones, a los países y a las comunidades locales y sus procesos territoriales en diversas partes del mundo.

Les agradecemos por acompañarnos también a construir en nuestro país, Colombia, escenarios para la justicia ambiental y social. Los 40 años de existencia del TNI implican también la madurez de las ideas y la consecuencia con las acciones que desde su organización han llevado para perfilar un mundo mejor, y para establecer mejores relaciones entre grupos hermanados por la posibilidad de dignificar la vida.

Desde Bogotá les abrazamos y deseamos el mejor camino posible.

CENSAT Agua Viva
Amigos de la Tierra - Colombia

Grassroots Global Justice Alliance (GGJ) wishes the Transnational Institute a very happy 40th birthday!

We honor and celebrate the legacy that TNI has built through confronting corporate power and supporting progressive movements around the globe building feminism, climate justice, national liberation, peace, justice, equity and sustainability over these many years.

Here's to 40 more years of Transnational justice and solidarity!

Dear TNI family,

I am happy and honored to be associated with TNI for the last 39 years. Cheers, dear Susan!!!
I'm fully with you on this date, and humbly can declare that the world would have been much worse if TNI had never existed.
TNI is like a living river, whose waters flow to the ocean of a humanity yearning to become fully Human. The waters pass, the river remains.
We are thankful to all those who have kept TNI alive and well, even in the most difficult times. The list is large, but some names are outstanding: Susan, Fiona, Brid, Phillis... women of strong and persevering character, who have rowed the TNI ship with guts, caring and keeping alive the Utopia that is the fuel of our action and thought.
The whole dreaming and living body of TNI is to be praised. Each and every director, in particular our dearest FIONA, and the permanently dedicated SUSAN; Cora and Peter and the others who helped TNI financially; Dick and Mark, John Cavanagh and the US crew of our sister institute; each and every fellow and associate, all have added to make TNI a respectable critical, creative, influential, vibrant, transdisciplinary Institute!
Orlando, Eqbal, Basker, Saul,... are all present with us in this 40th anniversary!
I have so many good memories to share with you all. Will do so in the next days.

Much love to each and everyone of you,

Marcos Arruda

Galeano can add to our celebration! http://youtu.be/mdY64TdriJk

Congratulations to this birthday! We have learned a lot from your competent experiences. After many years of close collaboration we are glad about new common activities in our fight for a fairer world.

Attac Germany

Felicidades TNI!!!! (y ¡qué cumplas muchos más!)

Hector de Prado
Amigos de la Tierra España

The Alternative Trade Mandate Alliance wishes an excellent 40th anniversary to TNI and its fellows and staffs. As one of the key groups engaged against the EU free trade agenda, TNI has been one of the inspirers of the ATM, and has been one of its key promoters, supporters... along these two last years. This support has been unvaluable for the Alliance, in terms of inspiration, energy, time and capacities and illustrates, for us, how much TNI has been an irreplaceable actor in the struggles for trade justice and corporate control as they've been driven by EU social movements and CSOs these last years. So, on the behalf of the whole Alliance, Happy birthday and long live TNI !

Amélie Canonne
Alternative Trade Mandate Alliance

As progressive activist scholars based in South Africa we have always looked to TNI interventions in transnational activist debates and processes. It has always been a point of reference for rigorous, critical and thoughtful perspectives. We have also enjoyed collaborating with TNI fellows and will continue to do so at every opportunity. Congratulations and happy 40th TNI... we wish you another 40 years!

From Michelle Williams and Vishwas Satgar
University of Witwatersrand academics and activists, South Africa.

Happy birthday, TNI. Proud to be associated with you.

Walden Bello
Member of the Philippine House of Representatives from Akbayan Partylist

Post Globalization informs that TNI turns 40 in 2014 and has received many birthday wishes from social movements, academics, activists, grassroots community groups, journalists, writers and policy makers.

We join and congratulate TNI and wish all the best! TNI team is the team of real fighters!

We are proud to have worked with them!

Congratulations, TNI. You have been a committed partner for us at FIAN International in our human rights work. We are grateful for the fruitful space for critical thinking that you have provided all along.

Rolf Künnemann
Human Rights Director, FIAN

It has been almost 15 years since I first ran into the TNI family when I was first working at Focus on the Global South, then headed by Walden Bello, and looking over these birthday greetings I have warm feelings for the many friends and comrades I have worked with and have had the pleasure to meet and whom I miss dearly. But even earlier, I had met Eqbal Ahmad, Richard Barnett and a host of others who played an early role in the formation of the Institute, at an occasion celebrating Eqbal's life with Edward Said, Noam Chomsky, Michael Klare and others before he went to Pakistan to try and build his Ibn Khaldun Institute. When one of the former directors, Basker Vashee, who I had the good fortune to meet and call a friend, tragically passed away, my own teacher, friend, mentor and colleague, the famed scholar-activist and historian of capitalism, socialism and labor, as well as Africa and East Asia, Giovanni Arrighi, who has been jailed with Basker when they were militants in the national liberation struggle for then Rhodesia, today's Zimbabwe (Giovanni was deported after a week and Basker remained in jail for a year) wrote the following (in 2005): "It is a terribly sad news for me. I did not know of his illness and a few months ago I asked Tom Reifer, who was visiting your Institute, to look him up and convey to him my best wishes. I always hoped that sooner or later we would catch up with one another in person. I missed his company and will even more now. He is one of my former students I am most proud of, and a reason why I consider my long career as teacher worthwhile." All of those of us who have had occasion to be associated in whatever way with TNI can say the same; it is one of the reasons that we can consider our own sojourn of scholarship and activism worthwhile.

I have had the great fortune to be a small part of TNI's network of networks over the past few decades, first as a fellow traveler as I used to say and more recently as an Associate Fellow and have attended many Fellows meetings in different parts of the world and have had the good fortune to be involved in many projects and producing many late night manifestos with Brid and others in various parts of the world. I think of the Fellowship, as akin to J.R. Tolkien's great adventures of The Hobbit and the Fellowship of the Ring, to destroy the ring(s) of power and to build a world based on values of emancipation, participatory democracy, dedicated to the values of peace, trust, equality, solidarity and social justice. Amandala! & Namaste! Happy birthday of 40 years TNI! (I'm 6 years older than you!) Now the real work begins! We have all just begun!

Tom Reifer/Reif Dawg Trillionaire (the sequel)

If I am not too late, to express my sincere birthday wishes to TNI. From my student days to my current academic research decades down the line, I have always found TNI a remarkable, evidence based resource of immense value. On initially discovering TNI, I felt I had finally found an information source that focused on the concerns and issues of importance to me. Rights and justice have always been at the heart of TNIs work, and their research and analysis has helped shape my understanding and perspective on contentious and conflictual issues. TNI is always my first port of call and as I am sure many of my own students can testify, I have handed down my admiration and respect for the organisations's work through reading lists, references and citations. A very happy birthday and I hope to pass on my congratulations another decade down the line

Julia Buxton
Professor Comparative Politics, Central European University, Budapest - Senior Research Officer, Global Drug Policy Observatory, Swansea University UK

Albert Einstein once said: “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” The Transnational Institute has contributed greatly in building a progressive network for thinking the change. The TNI has set milestones. Thank you all who have taken part and have taken care for the first 40 years.

Sonja Ablinger
Socialdemocrat, Austria

Congratulations, TNI, with making valuable contributions to global progressive debates and politics for four decades! I admire the ways in which you build ideas within a broad network and communicate them even more widely. Often when I’m traveling in Latin America, people refer to TNI when I tell that I am working in Amsterdam. Your work is unique.

Barbara Hogenboom
Centre for Latin American Research and Documentation - CEDLA

Keep up the amazing work there! Your own role is so incredibly valuable, it is such a nice tribute to your SA roots that you are the powerful visionary there that's needed so badly.

Bill Carroll has a project of linking up different institutes of the left through his analysis, and I learned lots about what we should one day be by seeing remarks about TNI.

Patrick Bond

For forty years TNI and its Fellows have been keeping the flag of progressive thinking flying in different parts of the world. At a time when global capitalism seems more fragile than ever, its intellectual henchmen turn more aggressive and seek to stifle all dissident (and more realistic) analyses - so TNI's work is more relevant and important than ever. Let's hope that it does not take another forty years for this thinking to become mainstream!

Jayati Ghosh

Dear TNI, congratulation for the 40 years of amazing commitment and work and all the progress that we see today. Our organization has been working closely with TNI in the struggle for public water services in Jakarta. We experience it firsthand how TNI's persistence to support civil society organizations in Jakarta, mostly through hard and frustrating times, has now seen encouraging results. TNI continues to work with the civil society organizations from changes to changes, supply us with invaluable ideas and materials and organize international support on a level that other institutions have never been that far. We wish TNI for a longer, and longer strength!

Amrta Institute

Best wishes to everyone at TNI - super amazing place, people and politics. Didn't know the history and am even more blown away. Onwards to another 40 years

Asad Rehman

My heartily congratulations to TNI on its 40th birthday on behalf of ISS. Through the years ISS and TNI have been collaborating closely on many issues of mutual interest and scholarly concern. I am sure that our fruitful collaboration will continue for many, many years to come.
best regards

Leo de Haan
Rector, International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam.