TNI in 1980

Out of the Women's projects of TNI emerges an autonomous feminist-socialist action group, DOMITILA, International Solidarity between Women, which aims to raise consciousness of women in the Netherlands concerning the struggle of women for independence and self-determination.

18 January  
Marginalisation of Women: 'Effects of Capitalist Penetration in Western Areas' with Maria Mies.
24 January Marginalisation of Women: 'Poor Peasants and Women in India' with Jenneke Arends.
15-16 March
Samuel Rubin Seminar: 'Feminism and Socialism in the Third World' with Maxine Molyneux and Stephanie Urdang. The presentation of Molyneux will, in 1981, be published by TNI and WOEP (Werkgroep Oost Europa Projekten) under the title VROUWEN IN HET SOCIALISME; an English shortened version will appear in the Feminist Review, of which Molyneux is editor.
22-23 March
Samuel Rubin Seminar: 'Latin America' with James Petras and a representative of the Sandinista government of Nicaragua.

29-30 March
International consultation on 'International Feminism in the 1980s' with participants from Sweden, England, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, the United States, Trinidad, Belize and Chile.
19-20 April
Samuel Rubin Seminar: 'Post-Colonial Systems of Power' with Eqbal Ahmed and A. Sivanandan.


24-27 April
Fellows' Meeting.
24 April, Public evening by Anthony Barnett with a slide show and lecture on Vietnam and Cambodia he recently visited.
25 April, Public evening by Eqbal Ahmad. Briefing on the developments in Iran and Afghanistan. Ahmad recently visited the area and had lengthy conversations with president Bani-Sadr and the Ayatollah Khomeini.
10-11 May
Samuel Rubin Seminar: 'Revolutions in the Islamic World' with Fred Halliday, Nico Kielstra and Bagher Moin.

17-18 May
Samuel Rubin Seminar: 'Southeast Asia' with Anthony Barnett, Ngo Manh Lan and Ben Kierman.


31 May-1 June
Samuel Rubin Seminar: 'Southern Africa' with Basker Vashee and ANC representative Ruth First.
14-27 JuneArt exhibition of three women artists, "Vrouwen zien vrouwen", exhibiting the work of Lisa Kokin (batik artist from the US), Barbro Cheesman (textile artist from Sweden) and Bertien van Manen (photographer from the Netherlands) on the theme 'Women in the Third World'.
TNI, with the Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation, co-sponsors the South-North Conference 'The International Monetary System and the New International Order' in Tanzania. The Institute contributes to the Arusha Initiative for a new international financial order, which becomes the basis for the policy position taken by the Group of 77, the non-aligned nations of the Third World.
August 1980TNI publishes "De ABN en Chili: De steun die een Nederlandse bank sinds 1977 aan Pinochet verleent" [The "General Bank of the Netherlands" and Chile: On the support given by a Dutch bank since 1977 to Pinochet] (in cooperation with the Chile Committee and research organisation MOL).
22 September
Letelier-Moffitt Award
The 4th Annual Letelier-Moffitt Memorial Human Rights Awards Ceremony is being held in Washington DC. This year's recipients are Reverend William Wipfler of the National Council of Churches and the Legal Aid Office of the Archdiocese of San Salvador.
24-25 October
Orlando Letelier Seminar: 'The International Nuclear Industry' with Mark Hertsgaard, Lutz Metz and Michel Jenestous.
7-8 November
Orlando Letelier Seminar: 'Europe in the New Military Order' with Mary Kaldor and Hylke Tromp.
10 November
Letelier Memorial, Salvador Allende Centre, Rotterdam.
14-15 November
Orlando Letelier Seminar: 'Mass Media: The Technology of Consensus' with Cees Hamelink and Peter Goldring.
26-28 November
National conference on 'Women Against Nuclear Power'.

28-29 November
Orlando Letelier Seminar: 'Socialism and Sexual Politics: A Proper Marriage?' with Hilary Wainwright, Nigel Young (London Gay Left Collective), Jeffery Weeks and Dutch feminist Joyce Outshoorn.
Assassination on Embassy Row, an account of the IPS investigation of the Letelier-Moffitt murders, by Saul Landau and John Dinges, is published.
12-13 December
Orlando Letelier Seminar: 'The Left and the Economic Crisis' with Stuart Holland and others (PvdA-parliamentarian Arie van der Hek and authors of the report 'Ekonomisch Beleid uit de Klem').

Out of the Women's projects of TNI emerges an autonomous feminist-socialist action group. The main focus of DOMITILA, International Solidarity between Women, is the raising of consciousness of women in the Netherlands concerning the struggle of women for independence and self-determination. The group has its office in the TNI building and organises actions supporting women in their fight in different places in the world.