TNI statement

False claims about TNI funding sources for TTIP related activities

A recent report by a Free Enterprise Foundation funded think tank is erroneous in relation to EU funding of TNI and the use to which these funds have been put. The report says TNI received €718,000 Euro in 2013 and €699,188 in 2014 from The European Commission’s Directorate-General for International Development and Cooperation (EC DG DEVCO). It further suggests that European Commission funds received by the Transnational Institute were used for work on TTIP. This is incorrect. In 2013, funds were received for three different projects, two of which continued into 2014. Respectively, these concerned awareness-raising in Europe about (i) EU trade policy and the Millennium Development Goals (ii) Land grabbing in the Global South and (iii) the impact of EU investment policy and investor protection on the Global South. The total amounts received from EC DG DEVCO were €476,274 in 2013 and €510,663 in 2014. The balance of EU funds were received from DG Justice & Home Affairs for a project concerned with European drugs policy.

This information was publicly available on the Transnational Institute website and at the time the report was published. Had they checked with TNI, or indeed the EU itself, before publication, in keeping with the proper standards of the research community, the report would not have been based on the assumption of erroneous information.

The Transnational Institute conducts independent research on a range of issues, including international trade and investment. Our research has been well received by policy makers, academics, activists and journalists. TNI's Trade and Investment programme has conducted in-depth analysis of a number of international trade agreements and bilateral investment treaties, including the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). This work, and the advocacy which has accompanied it, is funded by Funders for Fair Trade, a network of private philanthropic foundations.