The DisCO Project represents a comprehensive framework to support the development of Distributed Cooperativism. It will provide:

  • Comprehensive online educational resources and legal tools
  • Accessible and customizable value-tracking software and collaborative tools
  • Research and pilot projects
  • Events for learning how to launch and operate a DisCO

Distributed Cooperative Organizations (DisCOs) are a P2P/Commons, cooperative and Feminist Economic alternative to Decentralised Autonomous Organizations (or DAOs).

DisCOs bring together the worlds of the Commons and P2P, Open and Platform Cooperativism, Distributed Ledger/Blockchain tech, and Feminist Economics together in a fresh, radical framework fit for addressing the challenges of our times.

Based on seven non-prescriptive principles (updated from the original cooperative principles), DisCOs are:

  1. Oriented towards social and environmental ends
  2. Multi-constituent in nature
  3. Active creators of commons
  4. Transnational in nature
  5. Centered on care work
  6. Prototypes for new flows of values
  7. Designed to be federated

DisCOs operate in the marketplace, fostering generative economic activity and fair conditions while also continually creating commons.

DisCOs are a real-world educational opportunity for those interested in creative work with a social and environmental benefit, open cooperativism, feminist economics and non-hierarchical organising in both digital and real-world spaces.

The aim is to showcase and share pilot experiences with self-organised workers worldwide, develop free tools and models and thoroughly documenting the progress of the project.

Read more in our publication: disco.coop/manifesto.