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    Compassion and Calculation

    • David Sogge, Kees Biekart, John Saxby
    30 June 1996

    An exploration of the million dollar aid agency aid business, examining critical questions such as accountability, purpose, performance and power relations in this crucial sector.

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    Cannabis use, a stepping stone to other drugs?

    31 December 1996

    publicationDoes smoking reefer lead to using other drugs, in daily practice usually described as cocaine and heroin? Raising the possibility that the answer to this question might be affirmative, is known as the stepping stone hypothesis. Recently this hypothesis has been raised again in slightly other terms: cannabis use as a “gateway” to other allegedly more dangerous drugs.

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    Kabul's Patriarchy With Guns

    Fred Halliday
    11 November 1996
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    From Phoney Debate to Unholy Alliance

    29 February 1996
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    Militarisation, Nation and Gender:

    Rubina Saigol
    01 December 1996
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    The Roots of Violence

    Eqbal Ahmad
    01 December 1996
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    The Karachi Cauldron

    Irfan Hussain
    01 December 1996
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    A view from a producer/trafficker country

    Ricardo Vargas
    11 March 1996